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3 Arrows LED Traffic Light

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3 Lights LED Traffic Light with Timer

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LED intelligent traffic signal light NBJD312-2 + DJS321-RG

3 Lights LED Traffic Light with Timer


The 3 lights LED traffic light with Timer is another one of the available variants of Camaweigh’s line of LED traffic lights. This one includes a timer which will switch the traffic light from Red (Stop) to Green (GO) once the timer reaches zero. The timer appears at the center light and can be programmed to the designed number to start the countdown. LED traffic lights are more economical and efficient than the old halogen traffic lights. LED traffic lights consume about 85% less power than the old halogen bulbs. They also emit almost no heat compared to halogen lights. They can touch without burning your skin.

 The 3 lights LED traffic light with timer saves energy and is guaranteed to last long. It can be used at areas with different weather conditions due to its environmental adaptability. Camaweigh’s 3 lights LED traffic lights are built in order to withstand very harsh environments. It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. It has a very sturdy, yet simple appearance. It is very light compared to typical traffic lights due to its PC (UV-stabilized polycarbonate) housing. Polycarbonate is a very lightweight, but strong and durable material that can even stand certain heat conditions. It can stay in continuous operation within a -30°C to 60°C temperature range. The 3 arrow LED traffic lights have a working voltage of 100V – 277V AC.

Camaweigh’s LED traffic lights have no delay between light changes. The LED traffic lights can provide higher lumens from the same amount power. It has a total of 168 LED lights with a wavelength of 625±5 mm, which can be seen at far distances. The 3 arrow LED traffic lights is used at almost every country since it has the typical layout used worldwide. The standard traffic lights for most countries include a yellow light which indicates to slow down. The 3 arrow LED traffic lights have great visual effects and color uniformity. Camaweigh’s LED traffic lights have a lifetime expectancy of up to 50,000 hrs.



More Information
Model 3 Arrows 200mm LED Traffic Light
Size 300mm
Working Voltage 12-24v DC 100-227V AC
Insulation resistance ≥2M
Housing Material PC (UV - stabilized polycarbonate)
Operating temperature range -30℃~+ 60 ℃
Power <8
Wavelength of LEDs 625+-5
Colors Red,Yellow,Green
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