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Customize Your Products

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Customize Your Own System

In today’s modern times technology has greatly advanced. The ways things are done are now exponentially faster than before. Technology has become an important aspect of human lives. Camaweigh gives its customers the freedom to create their own intelligent systems depending on their desired applications. Whether it may be an intelligent system for weighing processes or traffic control systems, Camaweigh can construct it for you using its wide range of devices and equipment.

Intelligent Traffic Systems

An intelligent traffic system is a connection of different devices and technologies which helps ease the flow vehicles and manage each lane properly to prevent stalling of vehicle movement. An intelligent traffic system is also defined as the interaction between its components; pedestrians, traffic management systems, public transports, and the drivers. Traffic control is needed when controlling huge quantities of vehicles, but let us not forget that no matter how good the traffic control system is, the vehicle drivers and operators have their own decision making. As mentioned before, traffic situations are different from road to road, therefore need different traffic system implementations. Given a four road intersection, one road might have more traffic compared to the others at that particular day and time. A great traffic system is one which can detect this and make necessary adjustment in the time that the traffic light stays green for that particular road. There are times when a road has barely any cars at all but have the traffic light is programmed to have the same green light time as with the roads with more traffic.

Intelligent Weighing Systems

In the weighing industry, intelligent systems are used to make weighing processes more efficient, particularly in the field of vehicle weighing. Vehicle weighing is used by many sectors of business from agriculture, mining, farming, and many more. Vehicle weighing is used to determine the weight of the payload on a vehicle truck. Intelligent systems make these processes streamline and automated in order to weigh more vehicles.

Camaweigh offers this kind of service. They offer an intelligent system fit for companies who are in need of systemized weighing process for vehicles and trucks. Camaweigh’s intelligent system combines many of their weighing equipment and accessories to for a weighing system which is fit for the customers’ requirements. An intelligent weighing system’s main component is its weighing equipment. Weigh bridges, portable weighbridges, or dynamic axle weighing scales. It is helped by accessories like boom barriers and traffic lights in order to guide vehicles to be weighed.

Component of a Good Intelligent System

Camaweigh can suggest the best intelligent system for customer’s application but it is still their decision on how they want it to be constructed, may it be for weighing or traffic control. A great system will depend on its components. Camaweigh only offers high quality products which can complement your desired system.

Weighing System Components

Load Cells

Load cells are the heart and soul of any weighing equipment. They are responsible for converting exerted forces on the weighing equipment into electrical current and sent to scale indicators. There are different kinds of load cells depending on their weight capacities. Load cells are used in almost all digital weighing equipment nowadays because of their accuracy. Load cells are just one type of accessory which is used in an intelligent weighing system.

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are not just used on roads, but they are also used in intelligent weighing systems. Traffic lights are used to regulate and assist the vehicles and trucks being weighed. Camaweigh offers different types of LED traffic lights which customers can choose from.

Scale Indicators

Scale indicators are the devices which interpret the electrical currents produced by the load cells and display the corresponding weight value of the vehicle or truck being weighed. Scales indicators may vary depending on the number of load cells they can accommodate. There are also scale indicators which have wireless functionalities.

Boom Barriers

Camaweigh’s boom barriers are automated and don’t need the assistance of a human operator. Boom barriers are great for also regulated the flow of vehicles and trucks to be weighed. Camaweigh offers different types of boom barriers which have their own best suggested applications; straight arm barriers, folding boom barriers, and fence barrier gates.

Junction Boxes

Depending on the type of weighing equipment, they can have more than just a single load cell. Vehicle weighing equipment like weighbridges and dynamic axle weighing scales all use multiple load cells. Junction boxes are also called summing boxes whose main function is to sum up the weight results of each load cell. The sum of all the weight results of the load cells is then sent to the scale indicator to be displayed.

Traffic Sytem Components

Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are also known as traffic lamps, traffic signals, and stop lights. They are used for signaling vehicles and people at road intersections.