Weighing Indicator with magnet-proof interface

Weighing Indicator with magnet-proof interface

 Stainless steel weighing indicator

Stainless steel weighing indicator

Low Cost Digital Weighing Indicator

GSI404-1 RS232 4-20mA Counting Scale Digital Weight Indicator
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Low-Cost Digital Weighing Indicator

The low-cost digital weighing indicator is a weighing machine that is used for counting scales through manual or automatic accumulation. With the use of this indicator, a user can also weigh different scales. The digital filters available in the given digital weighing indicator is programmable. In case the user needs they can connect it to a mini-printer as well. The digital weighing indicators are those machines in which all the collected indications are given in digital form.


6V 4AH battery life of this weighing machine can run up to 30 hours operations without needing to be charged again. Users can recharge this digital indicator externally.


 An individual can access the digital weighing indicator to weigh electronic platform scale, weighing scale, and many others.

Plastic Housing

 Plastic housing is done to cover the weighing machine from outside and for this machine, it is done with a 6-digit 20.2mm red LED.

Dimension and Weight

 The weight of the low-cost digital weighing indicator is 1.5 kg and its extended dimensions are 256X165X170mm.

Serial interface

 Serial interface is the communication interface responsible for transmitting data as a single stream of bits which for this weighing indicator is RS-232. It also has an optional serial interface of RS-485.


  • While using this weighing scale the users can program zero tracking

  • They can select the unit of measure as Kilogram(kg) or Pound(lb) as per their choice

  • The accuracy of the measured value can be increased by 10 times

  • An individual can make use of this machine for measuring mechanical scale as well

  • In addition to these, it also facilitates them with counting and hold function

  • It has a current loop of 4 to 20 mA.

  • Apart from the electronic platform scale and more, it can also be used for animal weighing.

More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Battery 6V 4AH
Dimensions(mm) 256X165X 170mm
Weight(g) 1.5kg
Applications Electronic platform scale, weighing scale, etc.
Plastic housing 6-digit 20.2mm red LED
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