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Camaweigh Weighbridges

Weighbridges are the main vehicle weighing equipment in the weighing industry. Out of the other kinds of vehicle weighing equipment, the weighbridge is the largest of them all. A weighbridge, alternately called a truck scale, is a type of vehicle weighing equipment which is used to determine the total weight of a truck or vehicle. Unlike other vehicle weighing equipment like the weighing pads and axle weigh scales which both measure the loads on each wheel axle of a vehicle, the weighbridge measure the vehicle as a whole.

Types of Weighbridges

A weighbridge is a vehicle weighing equipment which consists of five important components; a steel platform, load cell/s, concrete foundations, scale indicator, and connecting cables. The steel platform is where the vehicle or truck will be stationed for weighing. There are two kinds of weighbridges offered by Camaweigh, portable and fixed weighbridges. Fixed weighbridges, also referred to as pit type trucks scales, are the type of weighbridges whose steel platform needs to be aligned with the ground level around it. For the setup of the pit type weighbridges, a pit is needed to be made first. Concrete foundations are then evenly placed throughout the length of the steel platform. The concrete foundation is responsible to support the load cells which are sandwiched in between it and the steel platform. The concrete foundations should be strong enough and well-built so as not to crumble under weights reaching up to 40 tons. The loads cells are the most important of the weighbridge and any kind of vehicle weighing equipment. They are the heart and soul which are responsible for reading of the vehicle’s weight. A weighbridge with a defective load cell is useless. Each load cell’s output line is connected to a junction box or summing box which sums up all the individual result from the load cells. The output of the junction box then goes to a scale indicator. Camaweigh’s load cells are made from alloy steel which is sturdy enough to handle massive loads on their own. The maximum capacity load cell which Camaweigh offers reaches up to 40 tons.  A load cell is a type of pneumatic transducer which converts forces like shear, strain, and compression into electrical current. Scale indicators are responsible for accumulating all the data and displaying the results.

How Weighbridges Work

The weight of the vehicle or truck’s load is determined by first weighing it empty. This will be established as the reference point. When the truck or vehicle is loaded then it will be weighed again on the weighbridge. The reference point will then be subtracted from this new weight reading. The difference of the two weights will be the weight of the payload. Calibration tests are very important to conduct on weighbridges to ensure that you will get the most accurate reading possible and to find out if you need to adjust anything on the setup. When there is nothing on the weighbridge, the reading on the scale indicator should exactly be reading a zero. Repeatability test is a good calibration test to conduct on newly installed weighbridges, portable or not. This calibration test ensures that you will get the same weight result every single time when the same truck is used under the same kind of condition. If the result the tests differ each time, then it is best to check the setup and the weighing equipment. It may be that a load cell might be functioning or that maybe the steel platform of the weighbridge is not leveled and aligned with the ground. It the steel platform is not leveled, the load cells will each read differently on every attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions about Weighbridges

1. How can I manage the logistical details for buying a Weighbridge?

Yes, we can! We will assist you with all logistic arrangements when buying a Weighbridge. For any further questions about specific shipping protocols, please connect with us via email at [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response at +86-131-2037-9271.

2. How Can I buy a weighbridge?

Camaweigh has more than a decade of exporting Weighbridges directly from our manufacturer in China to the world. We are an efficient and well-recognized company that has years of experience in exporting worldwide. We guarantee cost savings and cheap Weighbridge’s prices. If you have any further questions about our manufacturing plant or how you can purchase weighing scales from Camaweigh, please send us a message via the contact us page.

3. How quickly will I hear back about my inquiry about Weighbridges?

At Camaweigh, we pride ourselves on our efficiency and dependability. A sales representative will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss your quotation to buy Weighbridges. You can also send a message on WhatsApp at +86-131-2037-9271 for a quick response.

4. Do you accept bulk and small orders of Weighbridges?

Camaweigh is skilled in managing bulk orders for all types of Weighbridges. Camaweigh does engage in small-scale orders to ease our clients to purchase larger orders in the future or have samples for testing. However, our primary focus on demands for a Weighbridge should be greater than ten units.

5. What is the weight capacity for a Weighbridge?

Our Weighbridges have a weight capacity of up to 40 tons. Camaweigh can customize your equipment based on your needs if you require a lower or higher weight capacity. Find more details and features about Weighbridges here.

6. How can I have Weighbridges shipped to my country?

We work with over 95 countries, all of which can be found on our country’s served page. We usually ship your order to the largest and busiest port from your country or region. If you prefer another shipping location for your Weighbridge order, feel free to include this request in your buying inquiry, and we will be glad to accommodate you.

7. How can I have my logo printed in my equipment?

We recognize OEM services are crucial to a company's brand recognition; therefore, we specialize in printing and branding our weighing machines to your demand. Please feel free to send us any images and specifications of your company's logo via our contact us page.

8. What forms of payment are accept when buying weighing scales?

Our standard payment terms are TT 30% on order and balance on production completion. We also can ensure that the test report is provided to you and you are satisfied with your order before the final balance payment. Additionally, we accept LC on sight payment for large bulk orders. Please contact us for further clarification if required.

9. Are Weighbridges calibrated and tested before sale?

Camaweigh provides all regulatory and safety compliance for all weighing scales/machines that we sell. As a supplier, we visit our manufacturers to ensure they do a proper calibration and testing of a product and accessory, including Weighbridges, before shipping it to our worldwide clients. We guarantee high-quality industrial scales to our clients.

10. Where can I buy certified weigh scales?

All our weighing scales and machines are certified with OIML, ASTM, and ISO Standards. We also work with any third-party international agency authorized to test the equipment and conduct a specific certification for your country. We will arrange any license in compliance with your country's regulation. Please note that extra costs do apply for additional certificates.

11. Will my equipment be insured in transit?

Yes, Camaweigh works with all international shipping regulations and documentations. All our equipment and industrial scales are insured with top global insurance agencies before exporting.