Customize your own Traffic Lights

Customize Your Traffic Lights & Displays

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Customize Your Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are one of the accessories being offered by Camaweigh. Traffic lights are essential in today’s traffic systems. Traffic lights at different countries and places may be different depending on their government standards. Some traffic lights only have 3 color lights, while some place use up to 4 different colors. Each color corresponds to a specify instruction.

Solid or Symbol Lights

Traffic Lights are typically in the shape of a solid circle. Although, in some case, traffic lights can be in the form of other shapes depending where it is to be located and its application. For traffic lights which are to be used for turn signaling, traffic lights with arrow designs are to be used since a solid circle indicates a straight direction. For pedestrian crossings, traffic lights with a human symbol are used.

Pedestrian or Traffic

Camaweigh’s traffic lights can be customized depending on where they are to be used. Not only are traffic lights used to direct cars at roads and intersections, but they are also used to signal people. Pedestrian traffic lights are mainly used to direct people when to safely cross the roads. Some pedestrian traffic lights are built with timers, indicating the countdown when the traffic lights will turn red. Pedestrian traffic lights can be only one light with 2 interchanging color from green to red and vice versa. If the customer desires, 2 separate lights for the pedestrian traffic lights can be used; Green for “Cross” and Red for “Wait”. Since this is a pedestrian traffic light, customer can request for a human cutout instead of the default circular frame.

Number of Lights

Camaweigh can customize your traffic lights depending on the number lights you require. C amaweigh offer 2 to 3 lights within a single traffic light. Depending on the application, single face traffic lights and up to 4-face traffic lights can be custom made. Single face traffic lights are typically used to direct single road traffic. Traffic lights with multiple faces can be used in traffic intersections.