Boom Barriers

What are Boom Barriers?

Boom barriers or boom gates are pivoting bars or poles that block vehicle or pedestrian access. Boom barriers are immovable and stationary. Entrances, parking lots, residential areas, and toll gates have them. Boom barrier features are global. In all industries, barrier gates are essential. Barriers are intended to restrict flow in any direction. Boom barriers were typically circular or square tubular booms. Boom barriers can either be operated manually or automatically.

Camaweigh Boom Barriers

  • Camaweigh’s boom barriers are very reliable and durable. 

  • They're made of aluminum alloy, which can withstand high-impact forces. This is important because closed boom barriers should stop anything from passing through.

  • Camaweigh's boom barriers operate automatically. No human operator is needed, thus making it more convenient and faster when loading vehicles onto the weighing platform.

Boom Barriers in Weighing Industry

  • In the weighing industry, boom barriers are used alongside weighbridges

  • Barrier gates are set up on both ends of weighbridges to guide the vehicle to be loaded. 

  • Aside from boom barriers, there are different barriers, from the simplest up to the most advanced. 

  • The automatic boom barrier is the type of barrier that Camaweigh specializes in. Camaweigh's designs offer flexibility and horizontal coverage.

Types of Boom Barriers

Camaweigh offers three types of boom barriers, straight arm barriers, folding barriers, and fence barrier gates. This type of boom barrier has limited coverage because it can't be extended. Camaweigh's boom barriers have standard applications for each type.

  • Straight arm barriers from Camaweigh are customizable. This goes for all of their boom barriers. Straight arm boom barriers are horizontal and short. They aren't recommended for low-clearance buildings.

  • Folding boom barriers, as their name suggests, fold up. This prevents booms from hitting buildings or parking lots. It's stable over longer distances than straight arm barriers.

  • Camaweigh's fence barrier gate is recommended for more stability and security. This boom barrier retracts like a fence when opened. By design, nothing can pass through below it.

  •  Folding and straight arm barriers are great for large vehicles but weak below their boom arms.

Camaweigh's Uniqueness

  1. Camaweigh designs innovative weighing systems that use these types of boom barriers, and these innovative weighing systems are complete with all the other necessary accessories to make them run efficiently. 

  2. Camaweigh’s automatic boom barriers make use of NFC cards for operation. In any power failure and disturbances, it is equipped with a battery pack for continued operation.

  3. Boom barrier gates are very reasonably priced. Low maintenance costs are made possible by the boom barrier's superior build quality.

To learn more about boom barriers, and if you're interested in purchasing one, contact us!