Crane Scales

Camaweigh Crane Scales

What are Crane Scales?

 Crane scales, which are alternately called as hanging scales, are a type of industrial weighing scale which functions slightly different than the other ordinary scales. This is because instead of the normal weighing of putting the object or load to be weighing on a platform, it is hanged on the hook of the crane scale. Crane scales are basically a crane which is equipped with a load cell. There are two types of crane scales, analog and digital. But for industrial applications, digital crane scales are always used and are recommended than analog. The reason for this is that digital crane scales make use of load cells for measuring the weight of any object it is used on. Each variant of crane scales have their own maximum weight capacity depending on its load cell. Industrial crane scales need to be accurate and strong enough to lift up objects which are very heavy. Crane scales are most often found in the shipping industry. They are used to transfer and load crates and trailers onto carrier boats. Crane scales are very important because ships and boats have their own load capacities. It is very dangerous to overload boats and ship because they can have the possibility to capsize.

Different Types of Crane Scales

Camaweigh offers three different types of crane scales which can be used for different applications depending on the requirements of the customer. Digital crane scales are the type which is equipped with a digital display or built-in scale indicator. This type of crane scale is battery operated. The crane scales offered by Camaweigh all have passed the OIML requirement for Class lll. Camaweigh offers different kinds of digital crane scales with different weight capacities. The maximum weight capacity available is up to 50 tons. Camaweigh’s digital crane scales are heavy duty built which have cast aluminum casings which provides them with maximum protection. Camaweigh’s line of heavy duty crane scales is made from very hard steel. This makes them more durable than the other kind of crane scales offered by Camaweigh. The heavy duty crane scales are best suited for use in environments where there is the danger of being hit or banged up by rigid objects. The only downside to the heavy duty crane scales is that they don’t have built-in digital displays line Camaweigh’s digital crane scales. But it is alright because all of Camaweigh’s crane scales can be wirelessly connected to an external scale indicator.

How to Use Crane Scales Efficiently

When attaching the crane scales unto the crane hook, it is very critical to determine the dimensions of the overhead crane scale to ensure that it fits and isn’t very tight. There should be room between the crane scale loop and the overhead hook. This is very important so that it can get an accurate weight reading. Also, having a tight fit between the crane scale loop and the overhead crane hook is very dangerous and can lead to it breaking and causing accidents. When the loads are attached on the hook, its weight will be transmitted wirelessly to the scale indicator.

To have an efficient loading system using crane scales, it is best use a fixed crane scale which has the desired maximum load capacity allowed on the loading platform. For example, if the maximum load of the ship is only 30 tons, then it is best to use 30 tons crane scale. Once the maximum allowable weight of 30 tons is exceeded, an overload indicator light will be activated, informing the operator of the overload. Camaweigh’s crane scales have very long battery life and can be used of up to 50 hours of operation.