Medical Scales

Camaweigh Medical Scales

What are Medical Scales?

Weighing equipment of various size and types are used all throughout the medical industry. These weighing equipment contribute to the daily function of many hospitals and medical clinics. The advancement in technology has given way to more advance medical equipment and scales. The use of these medical scales make weighing more efficient and accurate compared to the equipment used in the medical field 10 years ago.

Types of Medical Scales

There are many kinds of medical scales being used and Camaweigh offer a few of them. Camaweigh’s wheel chair scales, BMI scales, and baby scales are made from high quality materials and designed for the convenience of medical use. All medical scales are required to be as accurate as possible because weight is very important factor in medicine.

BMI scales or body fat scales, as they are often called, are a type of weighing equipment which is used to measure the total body weight of a person and their body fat percentage. This determination is done thru the use of bioelectrical impedance. When stepping the platform of the BMI scales, a small electrical current created by the BMI scales passes through one foot of the user and then goes up the body. The mild electrical current passes the thighs, and then it goes through the pelvic area and then exit towards the other leg. Fat are less of an electrical conductor than water and since the human body is 60 percent is made out of it, we therefore are great conductors of electricity. Since fat is a poor conductor of electricity than water, the more fat a person’s body has, the longer it will take for the electrical current to reach the other leg. The BMI scale will then use formulas embedded in its program to calculate the body mass index or BMI of the person. Baby scales, on the other hand, are used to measure the baby’s height and weight information. Some medical scales like the BMI scales are not only found in hospitals and medical clinic, but they can now be found in commercial areas like malls. BMI scales don’t really require the help of an operator or medical personnel to operate.

Wheel chair scales are used when weighing disabled people who use wheel chairs. Wheel chair scales are basically platform scales with supporting rails. Platform scales are weighing scales with a square shape that acts as a platform. Wheel chair scales have a scale indicator attached to a support pole next to the medical scale. Camaweigh only offers three types of medical weighing equipment, but there are other types of medical scales available in the market. Aside from wheel chair scales which are only used for patients on wheel chairs, there is also the bed weighing scales. From their name, bed weighing scales for patients who are totally unable to move or paralyzed from the head up. Bed weighing scales provide medical staff with current weight readings of the patient. This is important if the patient’s weight is rising or decreasing. Four weighing modules are fitted on all four sides of the hospital bed’s legs. These modules have tare function so only the weight of the patient is displayed on the scale indicator. Another great medical scale is the swab or mortuary scales which are used by medical professionals to weigh different types of medical tools and instruments being used in surgery procedures. Also, organs to be transplanted have to be weighed before each surgery. This type of medical scale needs to be very clean and resistant to any dirt or stain. This is why their top plates are always made from stainless steel which makes it easier to clean and maintain.