Camaweigh Accessories

Accessories are an integral part of any major equipment. Large industrial weighing equipment like the ones offered by Camaweigh has great need for these accessories.Depending on their uses and application, they will help any equipment function more effectively and efficiently than without.

Most add-ons are built within the equipment itself and some can be installed separately or used alongside it. Some add-ons may not have any relation to certain equipment but is vital in completing the whole system process. Most equipment has accessories which can be replaced with the same kind with different specifications depending on the requirements of the application. For example, industrial weight measurement scales make use of load cells in measuring the weight.

Different models of load cells have different specifications which vary depending on their load capacities. Therefore, if you want to increase or decrease the load capacity of the weight measurement equipment, you only need to change the load cell with your desired capacity. Load cells are no doubt the most important accessory in the weighing process.

Accessories in the Weighing Industry

In the field of the weighing, many are used in the process. As mentioned load cells are only one example. Many other accessories are used to make the process faster or just to provide assistance. Junction boxes are another type of accessory which is used in the weight measurement process. Its purpose is mainly act as a summing point of different load cells. This type of accessory is a simple device but plays a very big role in making the weighing system process function correctly. Without this simple device the weighing equipment won’t function properly. Since some weight measuring equipment used in the weighing industry make use of more than a single load cell, there needs to be a device responsible to sum up the results of each individual load cell.

Camaweigh provides all the essential equipment add-ons needed in today’s modern weighing industry. They offer all the mentioned and many more. Another important accessory which Camaweigh offers is the thermal printer. Thermal printers are widely used in the weighing industry when printing the results produced by the weight measurement equipment.  Also, many accessories today like these thermal scanners make data processing and management for the weighing industry easier due to their advanced connection capabilities.

The advancement in technology has sure benefited the entire world. It has surely also improved the way everything works, most notably in the field of communication. With the invention of wireless technology like WIFI, Bluetooth, and infrared, accessories like the thermal printers and scale indicators have been able to assist in the efficient weight measuring process of many companies.

Another great accessory used in the weighing process is the boom barriers. They don’t contribute to the weight measurement of the vehicle itself but it is used as a guide or assistance. In the setup of most weighbridges, boom barriers are being used on each ends to restrict entry when a vehicle is in the process of being weighed. But as mentioned before, add-ons are an option by the user and it depends on them if they wish to add them to their weight measuring setup.

These boom barriers also have their own accessory which can be used alongside them.  Since the boom barriers offered by Camaweigh are automatic and are NFC capable, NFC cards can be used to permit access to vehicles without the assistance of a human operator. This accessory is sure time saver to the weighing process. This shortens the loading time of the vehicles onto the weighbridges; therefore more vehicles can be weighed. Traffic lights are another type of add-ons used to assist vehicles being weighed using weighbridges.