Vehicle Weighing

Vehicle Weighing

One of Camaweigh’s primary services is vehicle weighing and providing other types of weighing equipment used in different industries. Camaweigh’s products have benefited companies all over the world, providing them with efficient weighing systems and products which provide accurate load readings. Vehicle weighing is essentially one of the basic needs of every business out there.  Vehicle weighing is done in order to determine the actual weight of a vehicle. Which industries use vehicle weighing? Well, some of the industries which greatly make use of vehicle weighing are the following:

Agriculture and Farming

Vehicle weighing or weighing in general plays a very important role in the Agriculture and Farming industry. As we all know, large farming mills and companies make use vehicle weighing products like weighbridges, axle weighing scales, and many more. One of the very most popular produce being harvested from farms is rice. Mass selling of grains and rice needs to be accurately weighing before being sold. To make this process efficient and accurate, many companies make use of weighbridges, dynamic axle weighing scales, wireless portable weighing pads, or movable truck scales/portable weighbridges. By idea, all these types of vehicle weighing equipment are suitable and can be used depending on the needs of the customer. Also, Camaweigh provides services of creating a smart weighing system which has all of the components and accessories needed to make an efficient weighing process. The weighing in the Agricultural and farming industry is done by initially weighing the loading truck without any load. After that, it is then weighed with the rice or load. This process can also be done using small scale equipment but will obviously take a very long time considering the amount of total load to be weighed.

Weighing pads, dynamic axle scales, and truck weighbridges from Camaweigh are made with the highest quality delivery high accuracy and are very efficient without slowing down continuous weighing processes.

Asphalt and Concrete

Vehicle weighing also plays a vital role through all countries since we are constantly building and layout out roads. Since building roadways aren’t done on a fixed location, the weighing of the concrete and asphalt make used of movable weighing equipment. Camaweigh’s wireless portable weighing pads, portable weighbridges are very ideal for these kinds of situation. Multiple portable weighing pads are placed under each wheel of the trucks or vehicles to be weighed. The individual portable weighing pads are then connected to a summing/junction box where their individual load readings at each wheel are summed up. Portable weighbridges can also be used and don’t require pits to be installed. Ordinary weighbridges are installed level with the ground or where it is to be used. The weighing of the asphalt and concrete are the same with the process of weighing rice.

Mining and Aggregates

Accuracy is very important in all sectors of the aggregate and mining industries. Mining materials like sand, gold, silver, copper, and many more requires very accurate weighing equipment. Different materials and elements have different weights. Considering gold and silver are very expensive material, a wrong weight reading can result to a company losing profit. Camaweigh’s weighing equipment is some of the most sought out by mining companies due to their almost negligible reading errors. The weighing process in the mining and aggregate industries is similar to the asphalt and cement. The holding trucks or vehicles are weighed before and after loading of the mined materials. Since mining locations can be both temporary and permanent locations, movable and permanent weighing equipment can be used.

Vehicle weighing is indeed a great advancement in many industries. Without the development of vehicle weighing equipment, many companies would still be using inefficient weighing processes.