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  1. The ABCs of Weighing Equipment: 5 Things To Know

    If you are searching for the best weighing equipment, you are in the right place, and this post is for you. Please check this out to learn more about the basics of weighing equipment. This blog aims to help you choose the best product for your needs, stop unnecessary searching, and save time.

    Industrial Weighing Scale

    In the world of industrial processes, accuracy is important. Whether in the medical,

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  2. What are the 10 Best Weighing Companies?

    If you are searching for the best weighing companies, you are in the right place, and this post is for you. Please check this out to learn more about the best weighing companies and their services. This blog aims to help you choose the best company for your product needs, stop unnecessary searching, and save time.

    1. Mettler-Toledo International Inc.

    Mettler Toledo Weighing Equipment

    Mettler-Toledo is a leading producer of precision weighing equipment. Established in 1945, the company has a rich history of innovation in this field.

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  3. What is the Difference Between Static and Dynamic Weighing?

    Weighing is a fundamental process used in various industries and applications to determine the weight of objects. 

    When it comes to weighing, two commonly used methods are:

    1. Static weighing

    2. Dynamic weighing. 

    Static Weighing Using Weighbridge

    Vehicle weighing is important in order to comply with road regulations in many countries

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  4. Heavy Duty Cast Iron Weights FAQ

    Heavy duty cast iron weights are crucial add-ons required to maintain the accuracy of weighing scales. In this article, Camaweigh has answered the most common and fundamental questions on cast iron weights for you to make an informed decision.

    A 20 KG Cast Iron Test Weight Listed at Camaweigh for Sale

    What is a Cast iron weight?      

    Cast iron weights are test weights used for the calibration of weighing scales. Heavy-duty cast iron weights are classified in the OIML Class M1, M2, and M3.

    The OIML classes are defined for types of scales and they ascend with the increase in weighing capacity of a scale.

    Are Cast iron weights durable?

    Cast iron products usually last a lifetime and

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  5. Movable/Portable Truck Scales FAQ

    What is a Truck scale?

    Two Red Platforms of Movable/PortableTruck Scales for sale at Camaweigh

    Truck scales are heavy-duty weighing machines intended for vehicles and goods carrying trucks. They measure load weights by measuring vehicles both loaded and empty.

    Truck scales are either fixed or portable. Fixed truck scales are mounted into concrete at floor level whereas portable truck scales can be folded and moved.

    How do portable truck scales work?

    Portable scales are low-profile surfaces that have a single platform weighing the vehicle as a whole. The vehicle is driven onto it and a compressive load cell located at the core o the scale measures the weight and tr

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  6. Frequently Asked Questions on Livestock Scales

    What is a Livestock scale?          

    Small Livestock scale for sale by Camaweigh sitting at warehouse         

    Livestock scales are special scales that weigh animals like sheep, pigs, and horses. These scales are particularly important  in the farming and veterinary industry. They are sold in different types and sizes depending on the nature of livestock.

    How to use a Livestock scale?

    Livestock scales are frequently used in determining the health rates of animals. It allows the users to preemptively cater  for the needs of animals and therefore, must be used accurately.

    Here are the few steps that need to be followed for the best use of livestock

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  7. Frequently Asked Questions on Floor Scales

    What is a Floor scale?

    Platform of Standard Mild Steel Floor Scale For Sale by Camaweigh

    Floor scales are heavy-duty weighing machines that weigh things that can be difficult to load on regular scales. These things can be over-sized objects, heavy trade loads, industrial equipment, etc.

    Floor scales are also referred to as general use platform scales leveled at floor level for industrial applications.

    What are Floor scales made of?

    Generally, floor scales are made with four compressive load cells, a steel frame mounting the load cells, and steel deck covering. They have been designed to have low vertical dimensions to be easily accessible for rolling cargo, pallets, and o

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  8. Load Cells FAQ: Everything To Know

    Load cell is the technology that makes digital scales more capable and accurate than conventional analog scales with a springs system.

    In this article, Camaweigh has curated a series of questions about load cells, so you have all the relevant information and confirmations before you buy them – hopefully from us.

    Zemic Load Cell of 1 ton capacity for sale by Camaweigh

    What is a Load cell?       

    A load cell is a force transducer that converts pressure into measurable electrical signals for digital weighing scales. It’s made of steel alloy for extreme durability that allows for great weighing capacity while the electrical signals ensure perfect accuracy.

    How accurate are load cells?

    Load cells

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  9. Most Frequently Asked Questions on BMI Scales

    BMI scales are trending products in the health industry, but how accurate are they? And where can you buy them? In this article Camaweigh answers all that and more.

    BMI Scale with Blood pressure, Body Fat Composition, and Body Temperature for sale at Camaweigh

    What is a BMI scale?           

    The Body Mass Index (BMI) scale measures the weight and height of a user to determine if the weight is within a healthy range. The BMI formula is weight in kilograms divided by the square of height.

    How accurate are BMI scales?

    BMI or body fat scales do measure the fat composition of a person, but their accuracy doesn’t compare to other, more advanced body fat determining e

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  10. Frequently Asked Questions on Pallet Truck Scales

    Pallet truck scales are heavy-duty manually operated machines used in industrial and commercial sectors. Here Camaweigh tells you everything to know about them with a series of questions.

    Brand new Stainless Steel pallet truck scales at Camaweigh Warehouse

    What is a Pallet jack called?          

    A pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, pump truck, or jigger, is the most basic form of the forklift. It is used to lift and move pallets in warehouses and trailers.

    How do pallet scales work?

    A pallet scale is a pallet truck with an integrated weighing scale. The manually operated machine allows users to move and weigh heavy loads at the same time.

    The weighing scale of pallet sc

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