Heavy duty cast iron weights are crucial add-ons required to maintain the accuracy of weighing scales. In this article, Camaweigh has answered the most common and fundamental questions on cast iron weights for you to make an informed decision.

A 20 KG Cast Iron Test Weight Listed at Camaweigh for Sale

What is a Cast iron weight?      

Cast iron weights are test weights used for the calibration of weighing scales. Heavy-duty cast iron weights are classified in the OIML Class M1, M2, and M3.

The OIML classes are defined for types of scales and they ascend with the increase in weighing capacity of a scale.

Are Cast iron weights durable?

Cast iron products usually last a lifetime and then some. Heavy duty cast iron weights are built with handles that are used by cranes to lift them and place them onto the scale. The weight itself is extremely durable while the handle is durable enough to carry the full load and resist wearing from repeated use by lifting machines.

 A Series of Coated 20 Kg Cast Iron Test Weight in Camaweigh warehouse

What is the use of cast iron weight?

Cast Iron weights are used for accurately calibrating industrial scales, platform scales, and trip balances. They can calibrate scales under Class ll, Class lll, and Class lllL.

How to use Cast iron weight?

After switching the scale to calibration mode and setting the desired weight value, a certified cast iron weight is placed onto the scale and the reading is recorded. If the readings of the weight match with the applied standards or are within the limits of calibration tolerance, the scale does not need to be adjusted.

What are Cast iron weights made of?

Cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy that has over 2% of carbon content. This makes them extremely durable.

Why do cast iron weights feel heavier?

Cast iron weights are denser and have different weight distribution compared to other-material weights of the same size.

How accurate are Cast iron weights?

Cast iron weights are used for the calibration of scales. Therefore, they are made to weigh exactly as their listed value with very little or no error margins.

How long do Cast iron weights last?

The weight value of cast iron weights can be affected by moisture absorption from the atmosphere, rusting, and wear from lifting machines.

Normally, over the period of one year, they retain the original weight value within ½ to ¼ of the tolerance value.

This can be improved with proper care, regular readjustment, and things like annual re-calibration of the weights.

What is the cost of Cast iron weight?

The cast iron weights listed at Camaweigh have two categories. The 10 to 100 KG standard weights start from as low as $22 and move up with the weight.

The 200 KG to 2000 KG standard weights start from as low as $332.

 A cluster of 500 Kg Heavy Duty Cast Iron Weights displayed for sale by Camaweigh

What are the applications of Cast iron weights?

Cast iron weights are used for:

  • Weight scale calibrations - Weighbridges, truck scales, livestock scales, platform scales, etc.
  • Pressure, torque, and tensile strength testing.

Where to buy Heavy Duty Cast Iron weights?

Calibration weights like cast iron weights are required for all types of weighing scales. They play a fundamental role in maintaining the accuracy of the scales used for measuring trade goods and vehicles. Therefore the test weights must be perfectly accurate and long-lasting.

You may be able to get Cast Iron weights from your local market, but given the significance of the product, it’s best to import directly from an internationally reputed supplier such as Camaweigh.

Camaweigh is a Chinese company that supplies cast iron weights and other weighing equipment to industries all over the globe. Contact us now to get a free quote and discuss your requirements with a 24/7 available expert to find the best fit.