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  1. Frequently Asked Questions on Pallet Truck Scales

    Pallet truck scales are heavy-duty manually operated machines used in industrial and commercial sectors. Here Camaweigh tells you everything to know about them with a series of questions.

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    What is a Pallet jack called?          

    A pallet jack, also known as a pallet truck, pump truck, or jigger, is the most basic form of the forklift. It is used to lift and move pallets in warehouses and trailers.

    How do pallet scales work?

    A pallet scale is a pallet truck with an integrated weighing scale. The manually operated machine allows users to move and weigh heavy loads at the same time.

    The weighing scale of pallet sc

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  2. Hydraulic Scissors Lift: Frequently Asked Question

    A Hydraulic Scissor Lift is a multipurpose lifting machine that spans several industries.

    In this article, Camaweigh tells you everything you need to know about them through a series of questions.

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    What is a Hydraulic lift?    

    A hydraulic lift is a lifting machine commonly used in the automotive, waste removal, shipping, and mining industries for raising vehicles, goods, and people. It works with a fluid-reliant piston and an electric motor-powered pump.

    What are the types of Hydraulic lifts?<

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