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  1. What is a Bench Scale and How to Buy Bench Scale?

    What are Bench Scales and Platform Scales?

    Mild Steel Bench Scale or Platform Scales with indicator, no back rail for sale

    Platform Bench Scales without a back rail. The platform scale has a load cell, adjustable foot legs, and an LED display.

    Bench scales, also known as platform bench scales, are industrial weighing scales with multiple functions for any

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  2. What is a Boom Barrier and How to Buy Boom Barrier?

    What is Boom Barrier?

    Buy boom barrier with rack and door color in orange, blue, and black

    Boom barrier with short straight boom arm. The rack and door are available in three colors: blue, orange, and black.

    A boom barrier, also known as a boom gate, is part of the weighing industry and is generally applied in companies with weighbridges. Camaweigh boom barriers are made of heavy-duty steel and are intended to be used indefinitely. The boom gate is often used to block access by vehicles or pedestrians via a controlled point in private and public business entrances, residential areas, toll highways, and sometimes in the constr

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  3. What is Crane Scale and How to Buy Crane Scale?

    What is Crane Scale?

    Buy accurate crane scale, hanging scale, with digital display

    Digital crane Scale, or hanging scale, with remote included and weight capacity of 5t (5000 kg).

    Crane Scale, also known as hanging scale, is an industrial weighing scale equipment with multiple uses. The most popular services of this equipment are on ships, planes, and trains to measure the load and force on the crane, and they are often used in the manufacturing and transport of freight industries.

    There are various types of crane scales that Camaweigh offers: digital crane scales, heavy-duty crane scales, and digital mini crane scales. The difference between these three types of equipment depends on the applicat

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