How Axle Scales work

Axle Scales are used for weighing heavy load vehicles and can be found in different sizes, lengths, and capacity in the market. These are known for giving the most accurate results that are the weights of heavy vehicles, for a very long time. In some cases, if needed a customer can also get the obtained outcome transferred from the scale to a computer and can further get the receipt printed out.

Axle Scales


There are 2 kinds of axle scales available; one is the scale which is fixed to the ground and the portable one. The portable axle scale gives its users the liberty to use it anywhere anytime, besides it costs comparatively less than the ones rooted to the earth. Since these are compact, an individual can carry it easily wherever they want.


The axle scales are built with aluminium only so that it can have a long-lasting life without the risk of easy breaking like any other steel and these are lightweight as well. There are further different types of axle scales that can be bought based on their specifications.


Working of an Axle Scale

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Several types of scales are used for measuring the weight of a large vehicle and each of them has varied methods and techniques by which they carry out the weighing. In case of an axle scale, it is done in the following given steps:


  • The wheel load scale is placed at the floor in front of the vehicle and then the vehicle is made to run over the scale.


  • Unlike the other scales which need all 4 wheels of the vehicle stable over it to note the measurement, this scale works even when the truck is moving but at a slow pace, it can take the readings when it is going at 3MPH.


  • When the vehicle passes through the scale, the metal plates over it with strain gauges attached to it bends. Further, as these plates feel stress, the strain gauge calculates the amount of stress and derives the axle load.


  • The scale records the weight of each wheel individually and then the overall weight of the vehicle is obtained by adding all axle weights. Hence, Axle scales are capable of working for both static as well as dynamic weighing.


The calculation of each axle weight by the axle weighing scale is done automatically once the vehicle runs over it. The final weight after adding all axle weights is called gross weight.


Why use Axle Scales?


After understanding how does an axle scale works, there are a few reasons why one should choose these scales and its method of working:


  • The method by which a dynamic axle scale weighs is very helpful in terms of checking the weight quickly to see if it is over-weight or not.


  • These scales are available in the market in both static and dynamic types, therefore, the customers make their purchase according to their convenience.


  • Axle scales come with a healthy capacity and accuracy value. Plus, these are cost-effective as well because they don’t need to be given regular power supply. Once charged, it can carry outweighing for a good amount of time.




The introduction of the axle scales has made the process of measuring weights of any heavy vehicle a lot easier and time-saving. The axle can give the measurement of an 8 wheels truck at the same time. The working procedure of this weighing scale is mentioned above so that anyone who wants to know about the mechanism of how it measures can go through this blog.