What is a Truck scale?

Two Red Platforms of Movable/PortableTruck Scales for sale at Camaweigh

Truck scales are heavy-duty weighing machines intended for vehicles and goods carrying trucks. They measure load weights by measuring vehicles both loaded and empty.

Truck scales are either fixed or portable. Fixed truck scales are mounted into concrete at floor level whereas portable truck scales can be folded and moved.

How do portable truck scales work?

Portable scales are low-profile surfaces that have a single platform weighing the vehicle as a whole. The vehicle is driven onto it and a compressive load cell located at the core o the scale measures the weight and transmits readings to a terminal.

Working diagram of portable truck scales at a weight monitoring check point

What are Portable truck scales used for?

Portable truck scales are used by:

  • Industries that deal with heavy operations and loads like the construction and demolition industry.
  • Law enforcement forces for screening vehicles for weight limitations.
  • Shipping and Farming industries to measure on-site loaded vehicles.

What are portable truck scales made of?

Portable truck scales are made of high-quality durable steel alloys. The portable truck scales available at Camaweigh are waterproof and have seal protection and durability making them suitable for all kinds of settings.

They measure weight with Zemic HM9B load cells which can saely overload by 120% and maintain accurate readings with anti-electromagnetic interference technology.

What are the types of truck scales?

Though portable scales come in different lengths, they are categorized as either portable axle scales or portable wheel weighers.

Camaweigh sells two types of full-platform portable truck scales that weigh a vehicles as a whole:

How accurate are portable truck scales?

The accuracy of a portable truck scale depends only on the quality of scale and the calibration. They are just as accurate as a fixed truck scales as long as maintained properly.

How to use a portable truck scale?

Portable truck scales can be transported anywhere and are quite easy to set up - merely one person can do it.

Our scales that measure vehicle as a whole have a very low profile. The truck just needs to be driven onto it, the indicator displays the weight, and the vehicle’s own weight is subtracted to get the weight of loaded material.

 Movable/Portable Truck Scale without ramps and indicator listed as product at Camaweigh

What is the weighing capacity of portable truck scales?

Portable truck scales are less durable than fixed truck scales and thus have lower capacity. Still, they can weigh up to 30 tons, which, in most circumstances is more than enough capacity.

What is the cost of portable truck scales?

Portable truck scals can cost as low as $5000 and as high as $11000 or above. The price depends on the size, capacity, and the type of load cells used within the scale. The price may also vary with market conditions.

Camaweigh uses its experience and leverage as a mass supplier of weighing equipment to get you the best possible rates in the market.

What are the advantages of portable truck scales?

Movable truck scales are widely popular for the following advantages:

  • Easily to deploy and assemble.
  • Simple, no special training required to operate.
  • Durable enough to perfectly operate in harsh conditions.
  • Great overload protectoin system.
  • Designed for repeated measuremnet of heavy loads.
  • Compact design takes low space and makes them easy to transport.
  • Come with additional ramps for smooth loading of trucks.
  • Water resistant.
  • Have Anti-electromagnetic interference to ensures that the scale indicator reads accurately.
  • Save cost and more practical than fixed truck scales.

Where to buy Portable truck scales?

Portable or movable truck scales are used in any industry that deals with transport of loaded vehciles. They calculate the weight of the laod as well the vehicle to not just transport  certain amounts but for observing weight regulations as well.

Industries are heavily reliant on portable truck scales. Therefore, they must be purchased from a trusted supplier.

Camaweigh has been a global supplier of portable truck scales and other weighing equipment for years. Our extensive client list covers industries of all types and all scales.

Contact us now to get a free quotation and place your order. You’ll also be able to discuss your requirements with an expert who will help you find the perfect match.