CW Portable Axle Weigher

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CW Portable Axle Weighing Scale


Axle weighing scales are used to weigh almost all kinds of vehicles. Camaweigh gives you options for single axle, double axle, or triple axle weighing scale. These are typically embedded on the ground where the vehicles are to be weighed. Aside from this, Camaweigh also offers portable axle weighing scales. The CW portable axle weighing scales can be transported anywhere and are very easy to setup. The portable weighing scales are made from high tension aluminum allow which is very light. They are waterproof and can also handle other weather conditions. Its seal protection and durability makes the CW portable axle weighing scales suitable for standard concrete roads, flat construction sites, highway checkpoints, and many more.  

The CW portable axle weighing scales makes use of Camaweighs very own line of load cells. The high quality load cells make it possible to measure vehicles with extreme accuracy. The CW portable axle weighing scale uses 6 load cells. The portable weighing scales from Camaweigh have very wide weighing pads and can carry an axle with 4 wheels. The loads cells which they use have overload protection with a safe overload of 120%. Other safety feature it has is a built-in cable protector to avoid error in the weight readings whenever the cable is broken. It also has a built-in anti-electromagnetic interference to ensure nothing affects the result being read by the scale indicator. It can be connected to the scale indicator wirelessly. Each CW portale axle weighing cell has a dimension of 900mm * 500mm * 40mm. It can also measure weight of vehicles when move at a speed of 8km/h or less. The CW portable weighing scales are very useful since you can use more than one of the portable weighing scales when you are weighing larger vehicles like trucks or buses.   

More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Accuracy Standard ±0.3%
Capacity ≤40
Insulation resistance ≥5000 MΩ (100VDC)
Load Cell 6 cell
Overload Indication 120%
Zero Range 4~10%
Speed ≤8km/h
Working Temperature -40~+80℃
Excitation, recommended voltage 5V (DC)
Output sensitivity 1±0.2 MV/V
Temperature range, compensated -10~+50℃
Dimensions(mm) 900x500x40mm
Zero Temperature Influence 0.1%/10℃
Sensitive Influence by Temperature 0.1%/10℃
Output Impedance 110±10Ω
Nonlinearity ≤0.10%
Input Impedance 120±10Ω
Weighing Capability Wheel Weight ≤ 20 TON, Axle Weight ≤ 40 TON, Whole Truck Weight ≤ 1000 TON
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