Livestock Scale

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Livestock Scale

Livestock Scale                     

The livestock scales are one of the best & more accurate methods of measuring the weights of livestock. The animal whose weight needs to measure must place inside this scale & this will measure the accurate weight of livestock. This scale shows a 99% accurate results, irrespective of the thing that whether the animal is moving or is in a stiff position. It is designed while keeping in mind all the animal’s applications.

It has a capture mode which helps in locking the weight reading of animals while it is in motion. Wheels are applied to this scale to ensure easy movement of scale from one area to another in any specified position. This scale ensures easily weighing animals like pigs, sheep, and goats, etc for commercial production or testing facilities.

 Some Of The Properties Of This Scale Are:

  • Material: 
  • It is made up of mild steel which is powder-coated or can be galvanized too. The material with which this livestock scales is made is hard & strong with a durable life lifespan.
  • It has a rugged diamond safety tread plate deck, to maintain the safety of animals & the output measure too.
  • It is fitted with shear-beam alloy steel which has approved load cells which provide IP67 protection from dust and water. This helps to protect the scale from outside dust & atmospheric changes.
  • The size options are available with these scales. You can custom any of the available sizes.
  • All stainless steel structure which are available is optional.
  • It is shielded with 5m long cable with connectors, for better connection to the indicator.

 The Models Available In Different Sizes, Like :

  • 120 m * 120 m
  • 120 m * 150 m
  • 150 m * 150 m
  • 150 m * 200 m
  • 3t, 200 m * 200 m

5t, 200 m * 200 m

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