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1mg - 500mg

The 1mg-500mg, scales are used as reference commonplace once calibrating different weights and are suitable for calibrating high-precision analytical balances for exceptionally low weights, even of 1 mg to 500 mg.

It includes the special stainless steel material, which helps to make this product exceptionally more rigid & durable. The stainless steel is being used because it avoids the threat of getting corroded easily & that’s the reason it will be used for a longer period of time. These special weights are held in individual aluminum cases/boxes, which is felt-lined cutout. These boxes help in easy transportation of products from one place to another & assure completely safe delivery.

Some Of The Properties It Holds


 This specific product lies beneath the “E2、F1” category. Class E2 appropriately be used in the traceability of OIML & class F1 weights or the lower are additionally used for OIML accuracy. This class is used as a high exactitude commonplace for the standardization of weights.

Nominal Value

 The nominal or expected weight is the calculated weight of the thing, which may be as correct as of the fifth-place of decimals. The nominal value of 1mg – 500mg is “1mg-50kg”.


 One can define the density of any product as the mass of an object divided by its volume. The density of this product is “7.94-7.96g/cm³”.


The magnetization power of this product isE2≤8μT;F1≤25μT. It has different values of magnetization for different classes of weights. These figures are for OIML accorded F1, F2, and M1 respectively, F1≤25μT, F2≤80μT, M1≤250μT. Magnetization is the extent to which an object can be magnetized or it can be explained as the quality of the product to be magnetic.


The stainless steel product is packed within an aluminum box. It helps to keep the weights in a safe position with proper care. This case is approved by the FDA and SGS.


The susceptibility of these high precision weights is described as a measure of the level to which a substance gets magnetized when kept in an external magnetic field which in this case is ≤0.01

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