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Another one of the high precision weights for measuring is the 1mg-500mg-pw. Just like any other precision weight, it is also made of stainless steel. One can get it in 3 different models which are F1, F2, and M1. These classes are such that its traceability is like F1 traces class F2 and classes under that whereas model F2 traces class M1 and below and so on.

Some of the Important Aspects of this Weight


 Although these OIML accorded models are of the same precision weight but the measure of its magnetization differs among all 3 classes. The value for F1 and F2 is F1≤25μT and F2≤80μT respectively and for M1 it is M1≤250μT. These figures represent the rate of this weight by which it gets magnetized.


The density of this precision weight is 7.9g/cm³. The density of a material is defined as the count of how much mass does the material consists of it. It is derived by measuring its mass per unit volume.

Nominal Value

The estimated probable numerical value of the weight or any object is known as its nominal value. The accuracy between this calculated value and the actual value should not vary any more than the 5th decimal place. For the 1mg-500mg-pw it is 1mg to 50kg.


It is defined as the major till which an object can be harmed from something or in a particular surrounding. The value obtained is nothing but the rate of the weight’s vulnerability. In the given precision weight’s susceptibility is between 0.05 to 0.2.

Packing and Care

These high precision weights are a bit fragile and need to be lifted softly. When a user orders this, it is shipped either in aluminum or plastic bag. It is also advised not to keep these weights on wet places and not to pick it up with hands.

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