Single-Ended Shear Beam

Single-Ended Shear Beam

Double-End Shear Beam

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Double-End Shear Beam


One of the OEM load cells produced by Camaweigh is a double-end shear beam. Its double-end shear beam configuration makes it insensitive to side load forces. Its recommended applications are low profile platforms, pallet truck, tank, silo weighing, and typical floor scales. This type of load cell is made of nickel-plated alloy steel. Alloy steel is known for its strength and ability to handle large loads.

Built Material

This OEM load cell is made from nickel-plated alloy steel. This ensures the load cell’s improved hardness, durability, toughness, and ability to withstand corrosion.


The weighing accuracy class of this type of Camaweigh’s OEM load cell is rated as OIML C3. The C3 accuracy class rating is given to load cells with high accuracy specification. Load cells in the C3 Accuracy Class classification are mostly used with weighing machines used for tank weighing and light scales.

Maximum Capacity

The maximum force capacity of this OEM load cells ranges from 5t to 50t. Overload is allowed but to a certain extent only.

Safe Overload

The maximum safe overload capacity of this load cell is 150% of its maximum load capacity. Exceeding 150% may put the load cell in danger of being deformed.

Ultimate Overload

The maximum overload allowed is 200% of the maximum load capacity. Exceeding 200% will deform the load cell and cause inaccurate measurements.

Common Problems

Load cells need to be properly mounted in the right position. Improper mounting of the load cells will result into wrong readings and inaccurate results. Overloading weighing device is sometimes unavoidable which may result permanent deformation of the load cell. Load cell permanent deformation will make calibration impossible. Another common problem with load cells is electrical damage. Being exposed to significant electrical currents damage the resistors in the load cells.



More Information
Insulation resistance 50V DC: ≥5000MΩ
Material nickel-plated alloy steel
Operating temperature range -30 to +70℃
Combined Error ±0.03% F.S
Excitation maximum 15V DC
Excitation, recommended voltage 10 to 12V DC
Zero balance ±1% F.S
Temperature range, compensated -10 to +40℃
Zero Temperature Influence ±0.02% F.S
Output Impedance 702±3Ω; 703±5Ω(cable≥15m)
Nonlinearity ±0.02% F.S
Input Impedance 750±10Ω
Cables 5.2meter(5t);8meter(10t); 10meter(15t); 10/12meter(20t);12/16meter(25t~50t),diameter 6mm
Environment protection IP68
Ultimate safe overload 200% OF R.C
Maximum safe overload 150% OF R.C
Creep error(30minutes) ±0.02% F.S
Hysteresis error ±0.02% F.S
Non-repeatability ±0.02% F.S
Rated output 2.0±0.002mv/v
Rated capacity 5ton to 50ton
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