Fence Gate Barrier

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Fence Gate Barrier

Automated Fence boom barrier Gate

  • It is common practice to install barrier fence gates at the entrance, along with an access reader, in order to restrict the passage of vehicles that are not authorized. This boom barrier gate is of the highest possible quality and will fulfill all of your requirements, including those pertaining to traffic control. It has been adapted to perform tasks of a heavy nature without lowering the standard of its work. 

  • Camaweigh's automatic boom barrier system is waterproof and rustproof.

Features of the Fence Barrier Gate

Our Quality boom barrier gates have amazing features to suit your needs. These includes:


Automatic fence boom barrier optical housing color options include yellow, orange, white, red, blue, and jacinth, and can be customized.

Boom arm open/close time and speed

Our boom barrier system's open/close time is flexible. 1.5s, 2-4s, and 6s are available. The boom barrier gate has a remote, a manual button, and a digital vehicle detector.


We supply boom gates with different-sized poles based on the opening size. Boom barrier arms are 3 to 6 meters long.

The Anti-collision Function

The automatic fence barrier gate's anti-collision feature ensures passenger safety.


Aluminum alloy boom barrier arms add strength. This will ensure long-term barrier smoothness. They're stronger than cheap plastic ones, which become brittle in direct sunlight if not maintained. The aluminum requires little or no maintenance This combination won't need costly repairs after the guarantee expires.

Boom barrier Price

Automatic boom barrier systems are top-quality and affordable.

Easy to use

Our Automatic Car Parking Fence Barrier Gate has a steady function and a quiet operation.                                         

To learn more about boom barriers, and if you're interested in purchasing one, contact us!

More Information
Size 340*275*1020MM
Arm Aluminium alloy
Body Cold-rolled plate
Packing Details Wooden Case (Plywood) for Barrier Gate (1 Gate/Case) / Wooden Case (Plywood) for Barrier Arms (10 pcs/Case)
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