22X 3 - Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge

22X 3 - Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge

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18X 3 - Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge

22X 3 - MULTI-DECK Weighbridge

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22X 3 - MULTI-DECK Weighbridge

22X3 - Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge


Aside from portable weighing scales and single, double, triple axle weighing scales, Camaweigh also offers fixed and portable weighbridges. These operate just like the other weighing scales but instead of having different platform for each axle, they weigh trucks and vehicles as a whole. Camaweigh’s multi-deck weigh are designed to be fixed and are similar to multi-axle weighing scales. They have separate platforms for each wheel axle of the trucks. Each axle is weighed and is added in order to get the total weight. The multi-deck weighbridges are made from dense metal for added strength. They are waterproof and can also handle other weather conditions. Its seal protection and durability makes the multi-deck weighbridge suitable for standard concrete roads, flat construction sites, highway checkpoints, and many more. Camaweigh multi-deck weighbridges can be used efficiently when determining the weight of a truck’s load. It has a dimension of 22m * 3m. The truck will be weighed when the truck has no load and when it has load. The difference between the weights will result to the weight of the load being carried by the truck. It has a 5000 division standard accuracy.

The multi-deck weighbridges make use of Camaweighs load cells and terminate in an IP67 stainless steel junction box located on the weighbridge. The high quality load cells make it possible to measure vehicles with extreme accuracy. The multi-deck weighbridges can be customized depending on the size of vehicles to be weighed.  The 25 meter cable connecting the U-shaped weighbridge to the scale indicator has a stainless steel sheet layer which protects it from accidental damages. The multi-deck weighbridges are 100% earth grounded which protects it from lightning strikes. Since it has to be able to carry the weight of whole trucks, they are made with heavy duty materials. It comes in either a checkered top plates or a flat top plate which is painted with marine paint which doesn’t easily chip away.


More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Card surface All surfaces are clean, dry and free from contamination. The surface is assessed and treated in accordance with ISO 8504.
Load Cell Load cell cables terminate in an IP67 stainless steel junction box located in the weighbridge structure
Thickness in theory for cover Film thickness and spreading rate
Accuracy class 5000 division accuarcy as standard
Indicator No
Rails 150mm V Guiderails
Cables 25 meters of load cell connecting cable (Stainless steel sheathed cable to protect it from accidental damage and rodent attack)
Self dampening design ability to absorbing breaking and acceleration lads without the need for mechanical restrain
Cleanliness Ball Blasting - ISO Standard
Environment protection 100% earth bonded to offer for inherent lighting protection
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