CW-K (0,01g accuracy)

CW-K (0,01g accuracy)

CW FA-G (0,01mg accuracy)

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CW FA-G (0,01mg accuracy)

The CW FA-G (0,01mg accuracy) is employed for weighing the product or substance of even very low weight. Such a low weight substance can’t be measured in ordinary machines, for such purpose, a special gram balance is needed. This weighing balance is built by keeping in mind, that it is designed to weigh the substances of very low weight .

Operating such machines are very simple, & has easy to read panels that show you the correct result on the alphanumeric display panel. It has an outline panel of 35×21×35 dimensions.

Product Built

 This gram balance scale has a weight of  8.5 kg, & the pan used is of dimensions Φ80. Its define dimensions are 35×21×35. The printer used is a dot-matrix printer or the thermal printer, this is optional need to place according to individual requirements. The packing dimension of these products are 39×30×45.


 The battery requirement of this CW FA-G (0,01mg accuracy) is: 220V/110v. This is the current that is required to run the machine, to display the accurate weighing result. Direct current is required whenever you need to run such machines.

Glass Chamber

 This is a cheap & price effective product. These weighing machines are employed in various workplaces to measures the weights of even low quantity. This glass chamber, is made to cover the substance whose mass needs to measure. The rationale for this can be, to avoid dirt particles or moisture to enter within, & disturb the readings of weight that is placed to measure.

Digital Display

 It has an LCD panel that displays the weighing result in the white backlight. This alphanumeric display is straightforward to browse & easy-to-understand. Its user-friendly operation uses short, plain English text prompts and pointer keys for navigation, this makes it easy for the user to track the balance.

More Information
Reliability TPH Life 0.1mg
Display LCD(White Back Light)
Packing 39×30×45
Pan Φ80
Outline dimension 35×21×35
Power 220V/110V
Weight(g) 8.5kg
Standard Calibration weight,RS232
Optional printer(dot-matrix printer, thermal printer)
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