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1kg- 5kg

Another type of high precision weight is 1kg-5kg. Built with the stainless steel it is available in 3 different models or classes that are termed as F1, F2, and M1. To ship or move these weights from one place to another two types of boxes are available, which are aluminum and plastic boxes.

Some of The Common Features of This Weight


 In this weight, the given value of magnetization which is the extent to which an object (weight in this case) can be magnetized has separate values for varied classes like F1≤25μT、F2≤80μT、M1≤250μT for the 3 models given in it. These figures are its quality to be magnetic.

Nominal Value

 The estimated weight for these high precision weights known as its nominal value is 1mg to 50 kg. It can be explained as measured weight that can vary from the weight’s real value where its accuracy can be counted until the 5th decimal place.


 The ratio of mass per unit volume of this weight is 7.9g/cm³. Density is the count of how much of material an object has in a unit volume. The given calculation is particularly for these OIML approved classes of precision weight.


 A box of these precision weights contain different sized weights. The head of each of these weights has its nominal value written on it for users. It is silver-grey with a clear appearance so that any scratches or foreign matter that may be on its body can be seen instantly and easily. It has a comparatively thicker but still a little tapered neck. In addition to this, its inlays are approved by FDA and SGS and comes from the UK.


The 1kg-5kg when placed in a condition with a high risk of damage gives a susceptibility value between 0.05 to 0.2. Susceptibility is the calculated value of these precision weights getting harmed at what rate. It also differs from one object to another.

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