What is a Livestock scale?          

Small Livestock scale for sale by Camaweigh sitting at warehouse         

Livestock scales are special scales that weigh animals like sheep, pigs, and horses. These scales are particularly important  in the farming and veterinary industry. They are sold in different types and sizes depending on the nature of livestock.

How to use a Livestock scale?

Livestock scales are frequently used in determining the health rates of animals. It allows the users to preemptively cater  for the needs of animals and therefore, must be used accurately.

Here are the few steps that need to be followed for the best use of livestock scales:

  • Using the right Livestock Scale: The right scale is the one that isn’t too big for the quantity of livestock  but also isn’t too congested that it affects the readings of the scale. You need to meet in the happy middle.
  • Setting it Someplace Stable: Stability of a livestock scale is even more important than a regular scale as the animals  are not always stationary. An unstable livestock scale doesn’t just interfere with the readings but makes the animals uncomfortable. It must be firmly placed on a level and rigid surface, preferably concrete.
  • Keeping it Clean: There must be no foregin object or animal excretion to interfere with the reading.
  • Keeping animals comfortable: Animals tend to get uncomfortable and jumpy in a caged setting. This not only prolongs the weighing  process but can be injurious to animals as well. It’s important to tend to them so they can acclimate to the environment.

It’s also recommended to have a portable livestock scale as continuously moving animals to the scale can lead to shrinking- weight loss.

Considering the above mentioned points, load the animals onto the scale, close the cage, and note the value on the indicator.

How much does a livestock scale cost?

Livestock  scales generally cost between $500 and $3000 depending on the size. Though expensive, they prove to be a great long term investment for farmers and ranchers.

Camaweigh sells livestock scales starting from as low as $250.

Which scale is used to weigh cattle?

Flat scale, a type of Livestock scale, is recommended to weigh cattle and other animals weighing more than 500 pounds. They have a strong base to handle the load and a good battery backup.

How do you weigh cattle?

Cattle are heavy animals that require a strong weighing scale. You need to use a livestock scale, preferably a flat scale to handle the load, especially when weighing multiple animals.

How accurate are livestock scales?

Livestock scales for sale at Camaweigh are designed considering the animal's non-stationary behavior. The scales have a capture mode to lock animal weight while they are moving.

They are tested to be 99% accurate for all kinds of animals. There are, however, factors that may affect results of any weighing scale. The user must take the universal digital weighing scale guidelines.

 Sheep size Livestock scale  with wheels listed at Camaweigh for sale

What are Livestock scales used for?

Livestock scales serve multiple purposes:

  • Improving Reproductive Performance of Animals: Frequent weighing of livestock allows farmers and ranchers to make better breeding decisions such as bull selection to increase profits.
  • Weight Management: Livestock scales lets users create tailored feeding programs, reach  sale-day weight goals, and cater to underweight and unhealthy animals.
  • Saving Treatment Cost: Weighing animals allows for more accurate medicine and parasite control dosage in animals. Thus saving cost.

How do industrial cattle scales work?

Cattle scales work with compressive load cells that display pressure induced change in current resistance in measurable units. Cattle scales also have a capture mode and an average mode to counter moving animals.

Where to Buy Livestock Scales?

Livestock sales are imperative in the farming and ranching business. Their reliability and accuracy directly impact livestock health and profit. Therefore, they must be bought from a well-established and reputed place.

Camaweigh is an international supplier of Livestock scales and other weighing equipment. Our long-term clientele is made up of factories as well as small businesses. Contact us now to place your orders at the best prices in the market. You can also discuss your requirements with a 24/7 available expert at Camaweigh and find the best fit for your business.