What is a Floor scale?

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Floor scales are heavy-duty weighing machines that weigh things that can be difficult to load on regular scales. These things can be over-sized objects, heavy trade loads, industrial equipment, etc.

Floor scales are also referred to as general use platform scales leveled at floor level for industrial applications.

What are Floor scales made of?

Generally, floor scales are made with four compressive load cells, a steel frame mounting the load cells, and steel deck covering. They have been designed to have low vertical dimensions to be easily accessible for rolling cargo, pallets, and other heavy loads.

How much does a floor scale cost?

A floor scale can cost as low as $100 and as high as $2000 or more. However, despite the lower priced ones being adequate for the job, they usually don’t withstand the test of time in an industry and end up costing more in the long term.

What are the types of Industrial floor scales?

Industrial floor scales can be classified into 7 types:

  • Basic Floor Scale: Standard floor scale.
  • Low-Profile Floor Scale: Same as basic floor scales but with much lower platform.
  • Lift Scales: Scales that allow the top deck to be lifted. It’s suitable for weighing ingredients, chemicals, etc.
  • Portable Industrial Floor Scales: Scales with a side rail design and  movable corner casters.
  • U Scales: U-shaped floor scales that enable you to turn a raised pallet with a pallet jacket to the middle of the scales.
  • High Precision Floor Scales: Scales with relatively higher capacity and accuracy.
  • Heavy Capacity Floor Scales: Ideal for super heavy loads of up to 3 tons.

How much does a floor scale weigh?

Floor scales usually weigh from anywhere between 100 lbs to 800 lbs depending on the dimensions and the material used in scale.

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Are digital floor scales accurate?

Digital scales are always more accurate than mechanical scales and industrial floor scales designed for repeatedly weighing heavy loads have near perfect accuracy - the error margin is negligible, if any, on a well calibrated floor scale.

Floor scales can have accuracy of 1/100 of 1 percent. However, regardless of the weighing mechanism, environmental factors such as temperature can affect the accuracy of a scale.

How to use a floor scale?

Set up the floor scale on a rigid level surface, preferably a concrete floor, and place the material in the middle of the scale for accurate readings. Also make sure there aren’t any objects in contact with the platforms and the final reading is adjusted for the environmental effects, if any.

What is the best surface to put a floor scale on?

Floor scales must be put on even rigid surfaces like cement, hardwood floor, ceramic, or porcelain type.

How do industrial floor scales work?

Industrial floor scales work using compressive load cells made of HOLI HH8C alloy steel. The load cells are responsible for converting pressure-induced mechanical force into measurable current. The measured value is then displayed on the HOLI indicator.

How to calibrate a floor scale?

Here’s the step by step process of calibrating a floor scale:

  1. Place the floor scale in an open space for safe operation and no interference with the scale.
  2. Clear the platform surface.
  3. Connect the weighing scale indicator.
  4.  Turn on the indicator and wait for it to configure. While it’s in the configuration, press the tare button, enter the password, and wait for “No Load” to be displayed.
  5. Use the directional button on the indicator to switch to load1.
  6. Set the desired weight limit and press Tare to confirm.
  7. The indicator will display “Load” for you to place the test load weight on the platform and press.
  8. Press tare, the indicator will enter configuration mode and display the weight value.
  9. Confirm the weight value and repeat the process.
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What is the maximum capacity of an industrial floor scale?

Heavy duty floor scales can weigh upto 10 tons.

What does a floor scale measure?

Floor scales are mostly used in the industrial sector to measure weight of heavy manufactured loads and equipment, in the agricultural sector to weigh livestock, and in the health scale to weigh patients.

Where to buy Floor scales?

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