Are you Looking for a Reputable Global Weighing Supplier?

Camaweigh is an international supplier company that specializes in high quality and solutions weighing equipment. We provide different industrial weighing products and handle logistic services to our diverse clients in the world.

Camaweigh core values include:

  • Customer Experience: Our decisions are made to improve our customer satisfaction
  • Quality: We choose from the best producers to guarantee quality equipment
  • Trustworthiness:Our relationship with manufacturers and clients are based on integrity, reliability, and equity for a better product outcome and customer service
  • Innovation: Provide customized weighing equipment based on the requirement from our client and society
  • Accountability:We take responsibility for your order or project customization from the first encounter to the result.

Camaweigh’s clients come from Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and South America. Our goal is to bring economic, good quality, and accurate weighing equipment to our customers. Nowadays, weighing equipment is used in different industries, such as manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, transportation, and commercial. Therefore, Camaweigh believes in the importance of innovation and customer service during and after quotation requests and purchases.

Some of the most popular weighing equipment that we have supplied in the past include:


Many Camaweigh industrial weighing equipment needs a change of accessories or extra add-ons to improve the equipment’s whole system and application. Some accessories are there for assistance or are important to make the process of a product faster. The accessories that Camaweigh supplies help with data processing, management, communication, and time-saving for the weighing industry. These are the accessories and products offered:

Buy weighing scales accessories (load cells)

A load cell is an important accessory for most weighing equipment and weighing scales. The material of this load cell bar is stainless steel.

Vehicle Weighing

Vehicle weighing equipment provides efficient weighing systems and accurate load readings of a vehicle. Some industries that use vehicle weighing equipment are agriculture and farming, asphalt and concrete, mining and aggregates, and many more. At Camaweigh, we sell the following vehicle weighing platforms:

Large weighbridge or vehicle weigh station (platform) on sale

We supply standard and customized weighbridges and vehicle weighing platform for small vehicles to large trucks.

Industrial Weighing Scales

Our weighing scales are used in airports, schools, and supermarkets. The industrial weighing equipment provides consistent accuracy and durability. These weight scales can be very useful for minimizing monetary loss. These devices provide weight reading with a small percentage of error. Camaweigh offers many high-quality, strong, and precise industrial weighing scales.

Buy pallet jack scale 5000 pounds (lb.) and other industrial weighing scales for industrial use

Pallet jack scale or pallet truck scale can handle up to 5000 pounds load. Pallet truck scale is an industrial weighing scale used in transportation and commercial industry.

Laboratory (Lab) Scales

Camaweigh has created its line of laboratory scales because they are essential in science and other industries. Camaweigh offers different types of laboratory scales for various measurement purposes. All Camaweigh laboratory scales use excellent load cell, accuracy, and display resolution to provide its customer with the best quality product in the market. These are the laboratory scales marketed:

Electric balance and other laboratory scale for medicine and drugs for sale

These are the best four electric balance used in pharmacies and laboratories for maximum accuracy. These laboratory scales read in grams and operate wireless.

Medical Scales

Camaweigh offers three types of medical scales: BMI scale, baby scales, and wheelchair scales. These medical scales are made from high-quality materials and designed for medical convenience. Camaweigh ensures this medical scale product calculates people’s body mass index accurately without any errors.

Buy medical scale for personal or medical use on sale

Tall and accurate Body Mass Index medical scale for hospitals.


Scale indicators are types of accessories that can be attached to the weighing equipment. The scale indicator’s primary purpose is to receive information from the weighing device and show the data result on its display. Camaweigh provides various indicators with different features, such as accuracy in processing information, wireless connectivity, endurance from different environments, and programmable. These scale indicators are made with the finest components to guarantee the highest quality product at an affordable price.

Digital indicator in kilograms with wireless function for sale

Digital scale indicator in kilograms for platform floor with multiple functionalities.

Test Weights

Test weights are available in many shapes, weights, and scales classes. They can also be customized depending on the client’s intended application. The most common forms that are being used are cylindrical, slotted, leaf, and grip handle. Camaweigh offers three categories in test weights classification: OIML, ASTM, and NIST, with respectably weighing applications.

Buy Test weights for scale, or calibration weights

Digital test weight for scale kit set, 11 pieces, with calibration weight tweezer.

Intelligent System

Intelligent systems help transform various industries’ processes. The intelligent systems applications are present in transportation safety, power delivery, intelligent weighing systems, traffic systems modernization, machine learning, and disaster and risk management systems. Moreover, intelligent systems improve weighing efficiency and adaptability by using other technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), wireless networking, deep learning, and embedded CPUs.

Intelligent transportation systems and digital intelligence systems on sale

Intelligent weighing system station with small ramp and traffic lights to weigh accurately big vehicles and trucks.

Special Scales

Special weighing scales are different from ordinary scales and are used for specific purposes and general weighing. Special scales have added features and characteristics that not many manufacturers can design and construct. Camaweigh produces high-quality solutions and accurate scales for the needs and requirements of modern process systems needed by the corporate or client.

Buy special weighing scales for chemicals (LPG filling)

Manual LPG filling special scale with a re-felling cylinder. Tall special weighing scale for chemical mixing.

Hydraulic Lifts

Hydraulic scissor lifts, also called hydraulic lift tables, are heavy-duty industry equipment used to lift large objects. This equipment is employed in any warehouse or storing facility. It can also rise to great heights, make work easy and efficient, and increase productivity. Hydraulic lift components include a base, platform, scissor legs, hydraulic cylinders, and electric motor. They work under the principle of hydraulics or fluids. Camaweigh offers different kinds of scissor lifts depending on their vertical height capacity.

Hydraulic lift table or scissor lifts for heavy objects for sale

Double hydraulic lift table, or double scissor lifts, with motor, remote, and load cell included.

Customize Your Product

Camaweigh is here to assist you in obtaining the best out of your weighing requirements. We can work with you to design the product you require.

We currently assist and supply weighing equipment to our clients worldwide. Below are some countries that Camaweigh has exported to in recent years:

  1. Algeria
  2. Angola
  3. Argentina
  4. Armenia
  5. Australia
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Bahamas
  8. Bahrain
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Barbados
  11. Belarus
  12. Benin
  13. Bolivia
  14. Botswana
  15. Brazil
  16. Bulgaria
  17. Burkina Faso
  18. Burundi
  19. Cambodia
  20. Cameroon
  21. Canada
  22. Chile
  23. Colombia
  24. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  25. Cote d'Ivoire / Ivory Coast
  26. Cyprus
  27. Czech Republic
  28. Ecuador
  29. Egypt
  30. Ethiopia
  31. France
  32. Gabon
  33. Ghana
  34. Greece
  35. Guinea
  36. India
  37. Indonesia
  38. Jamaica
  39. Kenya
  40. Laos
  41. Lebanon
  42. Liberia
  43. Madagascar
  44. Malawi
  45. Malaysia
  46. Maldives
  47. Mali
  48. Mauritania
  49. Mexico
  50. Mongolia
  51. Morocco
  52. Mozambique
  53. Myanmar
  54. Namibia
  55. Nepal
  56. Nicaragua
  57. Niger
  58. Nigeria
  59. Oman
  60. Pakistan
  61. Panama
  62. Papua New Guinea
  63. Paraguay
  64. Peru
  65. Philippines
  66. Poland
  67. Portugal
  68. Qatar
  69. Romania
  70. Russia
  71. Rwanda
  72. Saudi Arabia
  73. Senegal
  74. Serbia
  75. Seychelles
  76. Sierra Leone
  77. Singapore
  78. South Africa
  79. South Korea
  80. Sri Lanka
  81. Sudan
  82. Switzerland
  83. Tanzania
  84. Thailand
  85. Togo
  86. Tunisia
  87. Turkey
  88. Uganda
  89. Ukraine
  90. United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  91. United Kingdom (UK)
  92. Vietnam
  93. Yemen
  94. Zambia
  95. Zimbabwe

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