Customize Your Own Junction Box

Customize Your Junction Boxes

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Customize Your Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are another one of the accessories available from Camaweigh. It along with other accessories is vital to creating a complete weighing system. Camaweigh gives its customers the option to customize their junction boxes depending on their system’s requirements.

Type of Housing Material

Junction boxes offered by Camaweigh are made from either plastic or stainless steel. Both of these have the same safety features as the other. The plastic house can submerged in water at a depth of 1.5m and it is safe from potential lightning strikes. The stainless steel housing, on the other hand, is stain resistance and also waterproof because of their seal tight covers. Although it is made from steel, it has electrical surge protection which also protects it from lightning strikes or other sudden current spikes.

Number of Connection Lines

Camaweigh offer junction boxes with lines ranging from 4 lines up to a maximum of 8 lines. Each junction box is constructed with a single output line. The output line of the junction box is normal connected to the scale indicator of the weighing system. If the customer needs more than 8 lines, Camaweigh can customize a junction box of up to 10 connections. A junction box of 10 lines with have 10 input lines and single output line.

Voltage and Signal Adjustment

Different load cells have different excitation voltages and different signals at different weights. Weighing equipment like dynamic axle weighing scales and weighbridges use more than one load cells. Because of this, all of the load cells must have the same voltage or signal outputs with the same loads applied. Most of the time when weighing different types of loads, it is important that the load be placed properly on the weighing platform in order to have equal distribution of loads. This is why correct calibration of the junction box is important to produce a correct and accurate total weight.