High Precision Weighing indicator (1~8 load cell)

High Precision Weighing indicator (1~8 load cell)

Low-cost digital weighing indicator- Camaweigh

Low Cost Digital Weighing Indicator

Weighing Indicator with magnet-proof interface

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Weighing indicator XK3190-DS3 is widely applied in electronic floor scale、electronic truck scale 、static railway scale and so on alike static weighing system equipped with 1~16 digital load cell.
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Weighing Indicator with magnet-proof interface

Weighing Indicator with magnet-proof Interface

The weighing indicator comes with a magnet-proof interface and is used for measuring static railway scale, electronic truck or floor scale, and similar static weighing systems that have 1~16 digital load cells. Weighing indicator with a magnet-proof interface uses a new magnet-proof technology. In addition to this, it uses the Yaohua protocol to connect several sorts of digital load cells. It also allows the users to backup as well as recover various parameters of indicators. In this weighing scale, an individual will find two divisions of auto switch function.

Power Supply

 The power supply for this weighing machine is generated through an AC/DC circuit. It requires a power supply of AC187~242V and a DC supply of 49~51 Hz. Its 12V battery can be recharged externally.

Load Cell

 The value of the load cell that is the transducer responsible for converting force to an electronic output that can be measured is DC of 12V and 0.8 A maximum.

Signal Output Method

 The current loop of weighing indicator with magnet-proof interface is 20mA and its baud rate( as per which information is conveyed in a communication channel) is 600. It covers a transmission distance of greater than equal to 2000 meters.


  • In this weighing scale, there are auto, semi-auto, and manual angle correction.
  • These are very much reliable and practical
  • It also has calibration tolerance correction and non-linearity correction
  • This weighing indicator has a super bright LED display with 10 indications.
  • Single load cell and single angle data checking function is available as well
  • In case of sudden power-off, it allows an individual to check, delete, or save the weighing data.
  • Here it uses standard parallel print interface and standard scoreboard interface
  • These weighing machines provides time power-off function
  • Apart from these, there is also a function for digital load cell communication address modification


More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Display bits super bright LED display, 10 indications
Interface Standard interface: RS232C (RS422/RS485 optional)
Load Cell DC 12V,0.8A(Max)
Power supply AC187~242V;49~51HZ DC power supply: (outside) rechargeable 12V battery
Signal output method 20mA current loop,serial. Baud rate: 600 Transmission distance: ≤2000 meters
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