Customize Your Digital Crane Scale

Customize Your Digital Crane Scales

Camaweigh is here to help you get the best out of your weighing requirements. We can work with you to assist you design that product you require. Just fill out form below and we will revert to you.

Customize Your Digital Crane Scale

Digital crane scales, from their name, are used as lifting weighing equipment. Unlike Camaweigh’s weighbridges, bench scales, or dynamic axle weighing scales, digital crane scales don’t use platforms. Digital crane scales consist of a single load cell and capable of withstanding loads the same as weighbridges and axles weighing scales.

Camaweigh offers to its customers the chance to customize their own digital crane scale. If none of the digital crane scales offered by Camaweigh fit your requirements and specifications, you can send us the details of your desired digital crane scale

Custom Load Capacity

Digital crane scales are designed to weigh loads much smaller than weighbridges and axle scales and can’t be used for vehicles. Depending on the sizes of the loads to be weighed, the crane scales must be able to hold it. Camaweigh offers different crane scales with different weigh capacities. The most weight which Camaweigh’s crane scales can hold is up to a maximum of 50t. If the load will surpass these limits, customers can customize the load capacity of the digital crane scale.

Load cells are considered to be the most important part of any weighing equipment. These devices are the ones responsible for producing a weight output. Crane scales differ in their load capacities and type. Camaweigh offers Zemic, Keli, and OEM load cells. The largest capacity of the load cells offered by Camaweigh is up to 50t. Depending on the estimated loads to be weighed, the digital crane scale may contain higher capacity load cells.  

Connection Type

Digital crane scales are wireless and connects to scale indicators using either Bluetooth or WIFI connection. WIFI digital crane scales can connect at larger distances. Bluetooth only offers limited connection distances; mostly up to 15 m. WIFI can cover distances of up to 200m. Also connection speeds are much faster with WIFI than Bluetooth.