Airport Scales DHM-3

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Camaweigh Airport Scales

Airport scales allow passengers to check their own weight and the weight of their bags. When you arrive at the airport, you'll go straight to check-in. Here, they weigh luggage to see if it's too heavy.

These scales are different than the ones most industries use. Special scales are used for specific purposes and general weighing. Special scales do more than weigh. Developed for industries that need specialized weighing equipment. Special scales require expert knowledge in any industry. Few manufacturers can provide high-quality solutions for modern process systems. Camaweigh has experts who help companies develop equipment. Camaweigh creates quality and accurate special scales. The digital scales have high accuracy ratings. These special scales weigh using load cells.

Benefits of Airport Scales


  • Passengers can use airport scales without assistance. 

  • By using these scales, they can determine if their luggage will be deemed overweight. 

  • Airport scales are bench scales in form and function.


  • Camaweigh's airport scales use high-quality components to provide accurate readings. 

  • Camaweigh airport scales use 90% accurate load cells of the highest quality.

Easy to Use

  • Airport weighing scales are pretty straightforward to use.

  •  If you have gone to hospitals, they have weighing scales there where they weigh patients.  

  • Airport scales are similar, but with a few differences. But the overall function is the same. 

  • Modern airport weighing scales which are offered by Camaweigh are digital.

Weight Capacity

  • Airport scales can handle large loads. Despite their size, these scales can hold 500 kg. 

  • Load cells are used in digital airport scales. 

  • Load cells are accurate and have larger capacities than analog scales.

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More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Accuracy Standard 0.1kg
Working Voltage AC110V-220V 50Hz/60Hz
Material Iron
Packing Details 127*42*35(cm) 1 cartons/piece 27kg
Weight range 1-500kg
Dimensions(mm) 34cm×58cm×125cm
Weight(g) 24kg
Multi-languages English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese
Warranty 1 year
Function Weight and Big digital display,Coin or paper money operated,Voice broadcast the measuring result,Connected with computer by wired Rs232,interface(Standard) or wireless WIFI and Bluetooth(Optional and custom-made)
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