Baby Scales

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Baby Scales

Camaweigh Baby Scales

Baby scales are another type of medical scale being offered by Camaweigh. Baby scales are basically a type of weighing equipment used in weighing babies or small toddlers. Similar to other modern weighing equipment, baby scales make use of load cells as its primary tool in detecting weight.

It is still very important to regularly weigh a baby even after it is born. This is to ensure that the baby is growing properly. As with adults, weight plays a very big role in determining the health status of a human being.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Baby Scales

Camaweigh’s baby scales aren’t made for personal uses but for commercial purposes. Camaweigh’s baby scales need to be inserted coins before they can be used. Baby scales are regularly used by doctors during weekly or monthly appointments with the babies. Baby scales have various other functions other than just to weigh the babies. Baby scales can also determine the height of the baby.

Camaweigh’s baby scales are made of only high quality standards in order to provide a comfortable and safe weighing experience for your baby. Camaweigh’s baby scales have a strong and flat base to support the baby’s back. It also has elevated side to keep the baby from falling off. These baby scales are also made to be portable and can be easily transported anywhere. Camaweigh always keeps in mind their customer’s comfortability and safety. All of Camaweigh’s products are made with only high quality components in order to provide maximum accuracy weighing equipment.

The only downside to baby scales is that depending on the brand or manufacturer they are only limited to a certain height a baby. Once the baby outgrows the baby scale, it will be useless and can’t be used until another baby needs it. Another disadvantage of baby scales is that since babies tend to always fidget, the weight ready by the baby scales may sometime vary a little. As mentioned before, baby scales are only made to accommodate babies up to a certain weight and height limit. Many baby scales are only made to weigh baby up to a height or length of 110 cm and a weight limit of 60 kg.

How Baby Scales Work

 Camaweigh’s baby scales are equipped with built-in LCD panel and screen to operate it. In some countries baby scales can be found in malls and medical clinics which can be freely used by the public. Certain amount in coins must be inserted to the baby scales to make them work. The money being accumulated can be used in order to maintain the baby scales. These scales can also be found in selected women’s comfort rooms. Alternatively baby scales scan also be used as changing platforms.

Baby scales are not the only equipment used to monitory a baby’s health. Baby scales are to only act as additional medical equipment. The two main types of scales used for babies are the baby scales and mother and baby scales. The mother and baby scales are used to determine the weight of the baby while they are being weighed by their mother. This is done using the tare function where the mother is first weighed. After that the mother is again weighed, this time while the baby is in her arms. The increase in the weight is therefore the weight of the baby.

Baby scales nowadays are digital. This is because they are more accurate than analog baby scales due to the use of load cells. Many baby scales have high resolution accuracies, with some reaching up to 0.001 mg accuracy. Camaweighs baby scales can be detachable from their portable stands. Their stands also have a mini cabinet which can be used as storage for other things useful for baby care.


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Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Height range 25-110 cm 0.1cm
Packing Details 134*69*31 cm 26kg 56*46*65cm 23kg 2cartons/piece
Weight range 1-60 kg 0.01kg
Weight(g) 43KG
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