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4000 Kg Double Scissor Lift Table

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4000 Kg Double Scissor Lift Table

The double scissor-lift-table is one layer higher than the single-layer table. Users can look for and choose from more than one model of these tables available. These are listed in three different models which are the HD1000, HD2000, and HD4000. For any of scissor lift tables, there isn’t a fixed voltage because it is supposed to be set as per the local standards. The surface of these tables are stove varnished. Each of these models differs from one another in various aspects in terms of physical attributes and other features.

Load Capacity: It is different for each table and is measured in kilograms. Load Capacity is defined as the amount of weight or stress that one can put on a surface when provided a standard or a specific condition. As per the model names, the load capacities are 1000, 2000, and 4000 kg respectively.

Size of the Base and Platform: As far as the size of these lift tables is concerned for the top surface of it the values from model HD1000, HD2000, and HD4000 are 1300X820, 1300X850, and 1700X1200mm. Similarly, for the base, it is 1240X640, 1220X785, and 1600X900.

Lifting Time: In these, the lifting time is explained as the average time in which these can carry out the lifting whose measure is given in seconds. For the models HD1000 and HD2000, the time is the same which is 30-45s whereas for HD4000 it is 55-65s.

Height and Weight: The self-height of different types of double scissor-lift-table from models with lowest to highest load capacity is 305mm, 350mm, and 400mm. In addition to this, the weights of models are 210kg, 295kg, and 520kg mentioned in the same pattern as heights.

Platform Height: The other given figures for heights are the heights of the complete lift tables. However, the height of their platform, in particular, is 1780mm, 1780mm, and 2050mm for HD1000, HD2000, and HD4000 respectively.

More Information
Size 1600X900mm
Capacity 4000kg
Working Voltage as per your local standard
Lifting time 55-65s
Lowed Platform Height 2050mm
Platform Size 1700X1200mm
Weight(g) 655 Kg
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