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Stainless steel weighing indicator

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Stainless steel weighing indicator

Stainless Steel Weighing Indicator

The weighing machine made out of stainless steel is an instrument whose major application includes measuring electronic platform scale and weighing scale. The dimensions of this automatic weighing machine is 260X222X161mm. Users of this indicator are facilitated with both manual as well as automatic accumulation function. As far as connectivity is concerned the stainless steel weighing indicator can connect to 1-4 350 Ω or 1-8 700 Ω sensors. Some of its other functions include animal weighing and peak retention. As the name suggests it uses stainless steel material and the stuff used for its shell is also stainless steel.


 An individual carrying out measuring from this machine can use the indicator for 30 hours straight uninterrupted which is its battery’s capacity. It has a battery of 6V 4AH.

Power Supply and Temperature Range

 The amount of AC required to run this is 100V~240V and the range of temperatures necessary to operate it is 0~40 °C.

Serial Interface

 The communication interface which transmits the data as a single stream of bits is called a serial interface. The serial continuous output communication interface in the case of this indicator is RS-232. Apart from this remote communication interface of RS-485 can be further added.


Stainless steel weighing indicator comes in a green LED display with 0.8" and the number of display digits is 6. This model has 10 times improved precision display.


  • In the given weighing machine, a person can set the filter time parameters.
  • It also allows Kilogram(kg) to pound(lb) unit conversion
  • A few additional functions provided by this weighing scale are the count function and print output function.
  • In addition to these users of this weighing scale can also add an analog current loop output of 4-20mA.

Optional Features

  • It has an optional feature of power-saving mode
  • Other than that it has zero tracking range as well.
More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Humidity ≤85%RH
Display Green LED display with 0.8"
Material Stainless steel triangular shell
Operating temperature range 0~40℃
Power AC 100V~240V
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