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Standard Bench Scale

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Standard Bench Scale

Camaweigh Bench/Platform Scales

There are many other types of weighing equipment which can be used depending on the objects to be weighed or on the location where it can be applied. Most industrial weighing equipment tend to be very bulking which is why then can be placed and used just anywhere. Fortunately there are many portable and small benches or platform scales created which can be placed even at the tightest of places.

Types of Bench/Platform Scales

Camaweigh offers three types of bench/platform scales; standard bench scale, standard stainless steel bench scale, and standard bench scale with back rail.

The standard bench scale or platform scale of Camaweigh has body frame which is made from mild steel material which is strong enough to handle weights of up to 800 kg. The body of this standard bench scale is powder-coated, usually black but can be painted to the colored desired by the customer. The other variant, the standard stainless steel bench scale has a full stainless steel body all throughout. Since it is made from stainless steel, it is very well protected from rust and stains. The last model of bench/platform scale offered by Camaweigh is also made from mild steel body but is equipped with a back rail. This back rail is great for supporting large objects being weighed from falling from the platform. All of Camaweigh’s variants of bench/platform scale come with a stainless steel platform top. Also they all are equipped with a scale indicator stand.

Accuracy of Bench/Platform Scales

Camaweigh’s bench or platform scales all use high quality load cells for maximum accuracy results. Maximum accuracy is always required in any type of weighing industry because a slight miscalculation in the weight of a product can potentially result to a loss of income. This is why Camaweigh only chooses to equip its weighing equipment with load cells which can provide the lowest percentage error. Load cells are very sensitive force transducers which can detect the slightest force applied to a weighing equipment and then product the corresponding electrical current which is then transferred to the scale indicator.

Applications of Bench/Platform Scales

Bench or platform scales are used in many industries like mining and manufacturing. Also bench or platform scales are often being used in the medical field when weighing patients. Since platform scales can be made according to the desired size requested by the customer, they can be created to be large enough to accommodate wheel chairs. If bench or platform scales can be used to weigh humans, they can also be used to weigh animals. They can be used in farms and veterinary clinics. They can be used to weighs animals as big as horses depending on the size of the platform.

Bench or platform scales are also very popularly used in the commercial industry like at supermarkets and wet markets. Countless bench or platform scales can be seen being used in supermarkets in weighing weight based products like fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. These products are usually sold base of their price per kilogram of weigh. This is also the reason why bench scales are used. As mentioned before, industries like these need maximum accuracy weighing equipment to ensure that they won’t lose much profit. A wrong weight count of a product can cause significant amount of income when totaled together. Another location where bench scales or platform scales can be found is at the airport. Platform or bench scales are situated at every baggage check-in counter where they are used to weigh each baggage of a passenger. Every passenger is only allowed to load a certain amount of baggage in order to avoid overloading the aircraft. This is very critical since overloading the aircraft or airplane will be very dangerous and can result to accidents.  

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