What are Pallet Truck Scales?

Pallet truck scale for sale
  • To buy directly, click on the product name: Pallet Truck Scales. Pallet truck scales are fitted with wheels and rollers to ease heavy pallet trucks' movement and transportation.

Pallet Truck Scales, also known as a hand pallet truck or pallet jack scales, are industrial weighing equipment with multiple uses. The most popular services of this equipment are to move and weigh pallets simultaneously, and they are often used in the shipping and receiving facilities, manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, warehouses, and construction industries.

There are various types of pallet truck scales that Camaweigh offers: Pallet Truck Scales Stainless Steel and Pallet Truck Scales Mild Steel.

Types of Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet Truck Scales Stainless Steel.

  • Maximum capacity of 2.0t
  • Made of stainless-steel material
  • The width of single folk is 160mm
  • Fork height is 77mm
  • Division is 0.5kg
  • Fitted with a digital display screen

Pallet Truck Scales Mild Steel

  • Has a capacity of 2.0 t
  • Product weight is 128kg
  • Made of mild steel material
  • Include digital display screen

Pallet truck scales are often used in the process of moving and weighing pallets. This can be done simultaneously.

Pallet jack scales stainless steel for sale

Pallet Truck Scales Features

  • Weight Capacity: Maximum capacity of 2.0t and it is advisable that before weighing any weight, be sure that the pallet truck can lift your desired material.
  • Width of Single Fork: The width of the single fork used in the pallet track scales is 160mm.
  • Division: 0.5kg is the equal division in which the measured weights are calculated.
  • Wheels and Rollers: Pallet truck scales are fitted with wheels and rollers to ease the movement and transportation of heavy pallet trucks.
  • Fork Height: Both of our pallet truck scales have a 77mm fork height.
  • LED-Backlit Display: Fitted with LED displays to enable readability and improve vision in darker areas.
  • Material: The two types of pallet truck scales are made of stainless steel and mild steel, which further contributes to the difference in weight and price.

Pallet Truck Scales Uses

There are various forms of pallet truck scales, and the usage of the equipment depends on the form. Manufacturers use pallet truck scales worldwide:

  • Saves time: Goods can be weight while on the move from point A to point B. This helps save time that could have been used to place goods on other weighing platforms, removing and arranging for dispatch.
  • Improve safety: Loading and unloading goods require a lot of safety measurements to protect employees and to reduce the risks and damages of the load.
  • Calculation of weights: The pallet track scale is an industrial weighing scale used to calculate the weights of goods while they are being moved to other locations.
  • Increased productivity: More work can be done within a concise period since the scale allows multitasking.
  • Flexibility: The scales are fitted with a giant arc that makes them easy to use and move everywhere it is needed.
  • Prevent overloading: As the goods are loaded, the weight is recorded and displayed on the digital scream, making it possible to not go beyond the loading capacity.

Types of Pallet Truck Scales

Camaweigh offers the following types of pallet truck scales:

  • Pallet truck scales stainless-steel
  • Pallet truck scales mild steel
  • PT-200 pallet truck scales
  • PT-400 stainless steel pallet truck scales
  • PT- 450 waterproof pallet truck scales
  • PT-600 pallet truck scales with a printer
  • To buy directly, click Pallet Truck Scales. These scales are fitted with a giant arc that makes them easy to use. Include digital reading indicator for maximum accuracy.
  • Pallet truck scale for sale

    Which Countries Manufacture Pallet Jack Scale?

    The main producers of pallet truck scales are China, India, Japan, United States, Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy, and Thailand.

    Consumption of pallet truck scales has increased dramatically across the world, especially in developing countries. Pallet Jack Scales are easy to use, save time, reduce cost of labor and increase productivity, flexible, convenient, and versatile.

    What is the Average Price for Pallet Truck Scale?

    Regarding industrial scales pricing, we put all our energy into reaching all brands and types of pallet truck scales. Our goal is to find the equipment with the best specifications at the most affordable price. You must find equipment that is reliable and not too costly.

    Here at Camaweigh, we pride ourselves on looking through every small detail of the specifications of the equipment we sell.

    Where to Buy Pallet Truck Scale?

    To find various pallet truck scale products, it is preferable to import them directly from manufacturers for premium quality, certification, competitive, and affordable prices.

    We export worldwide and if you are looking to buy bulk quantities of weighing equipment, you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected], or send us a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.

    Contact us for pallet truck scales details and pricing on our website at camaweigh.com