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Standard Movable Scale/Portable Weighbridges with no ramps

Standard Movable Scale/Portable Weighbridges with ramps

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Standard Movable Scale with ramps

Portable Scale

  • Camaweigh offers portable weigh scales and weighbridges with single, double, and triple axles.

  • These scales weigh the whole truck or vehicle instead of each axle.

  • Standard movable/portable weighbridges can be installed almost anywhere.

  • Portable weighbridges are made of high-tensile aluminum.

  • They're water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather.

Portable Truck Scales

  • Portable scales, also called portable truck scales, measure truckload.

  • The portable weighbridge's seal protection and durability make it ideal for concrete roads, flat construction sites, and highway checkpoints.

  • They help determine a truck's load weight. Unloaded and loaded trucks will be weighed.

  • The weight difference determines the truck's load. It has 4 ramps to load large trucks.

Portable Scale Equipments

  • Camaweigh’s Zemic HM9B load cells are standard on movable/portable weighbridges with a ramp.

  • High-quality load cells accurately measure vehicles.

  • Customize portable weighbridges with ramps based on vehicle size.

  • Their load cells can safely overload by 120%.

  • Built-in cable protectors prevent weight reading errors when the cable breaks.

  • Built-in anti-electromagnetic interference ensures the scale indicator reads accurately.

  • Camaweigh's pitless portable weighbridge is easy to move.

  • Heavy-duty materials are used because they must support whole trucks. Checkered or flat top plates are available.

   If you need a portable scale or portable weighbridge for your business or industry, contact us for a free quote.

More Information
Ramp size With 4pcs ,1x4m ramps
Load Cell Zemic HM9B load cell is optional
Indicator Other brand weighbridge indicator is optional
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