1mg-5kg High Precision Weights

1mg-5kg High Precision Weights

1mg-1kg High Precision Weights

1mg-1kg High Precision Weights

1mg-2kg High Precision Weights

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1mg-2kg High Precision Weights

 1mg-2kg High Precision Weights

Precision scales have a resolution of 0.1g or higher. This product is made of stainless steel & used both for analysis and for quality controls at various laboratories.


The material that is used to make the 1mg-2kg high precision weights is the stainless steel. It covers the F1, F2, and M1 class. These weights are inlaid with FDA and SGS and are used for carrying out reliable weighing processes. The packing of these weights is done either in an aluminum box.


 Calibration weights have different classes that are assigned, depending on the factors like accuracy or tolerance. There are divisions of classes which are differ from each other, including ASTM, NIST, and OIML, each specifies some or other different requirements. This very product lies in the E2、F1 class.

Nominal Weight

 The nominal weight is defined as the calculated weight of the object which may differ from the actual weight and can be accurate to the 5th decimal place. For the 1mg-2kg high precision weights, the nominal weight’s value is 1mg-50kg.


 Density which is the derived value of how much does an object consists in its unit volume for these high precision weights is 7.94-7.96g/cm³.


 It has different values of magnetization for different classes of weights. These figures are for OIML F1, F2, and M1 respectively, E2≤8μT;F1≤25μT. Magnetization is the extent to which an object can be magnetized or it can be explained as the quality of the product to be magnetic.


 The precision scale is packed within an aluminum box. It helps to keep the weights in a safe position with proper care. This case is approved by the FDA and SGS.


• It is used in technical colleges
• In various universities
• In quality assurance laboratories
• Used in those institutions, where accurate weights are needed.
• It is used in the calibration
• Use in general business
• Learning materials for schools and training
• Helped in load tests of elevator, crane and vehicle construction.
• Used as official calibration of weights

More Information
Class E2、F1
Material Special Stainless Steel
Density kits 7.94-7.96g/cm³
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