1mg-1kg High Precision Weights

1mg-1kg High Precision Weights



1mg-500g High Precision Weights

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1mg-500g High Precision Weights

1mg-500g High Precision Weights

If you are looking to buy any weight then 1mg-500g high precision weights, will be the best choice for you. These weights have numerous features which makes it unique for use in various workplaces.

 Before Buying Any Scale One Must Check

  • The scale’s manual or specification of  the scale, with the help of this, you could easily find the weight value required to calibrate the scale.
  • It is advisable that the weight which needs to calibrate must have a tolerance sufficiently small, which should not be detected by scale.
  • To check the accurate result, one needs to keep the weight near the scale & also at the same temperature where the equipments are placed.

Some Features Of This High Precision Weights Are


 The material used to make this 1mg-500g high precision weights are “stainless steel”. The stainless steel is hard & rigid, which makes your product strong so that it lasts for a long period.


This product lies under the “E2、F1” class.

Nominal Value

 The estimated weight for these high precision weights known as its nominal value & the nominal weight of this product is 1mg to 50 kg. It can be explained as a measured weight that can vary from the weight’s real value where its accuracy can be counted until the 5th decimal place.


 The ratio of mass per unit volume is the way of calculating the density. The density of this product is 7.94-7.96g/cm³. Density is the count of how much of material an object has in a unit volume. The given calculation is particularly for these OIML approved classes of precision weight.


 In this weight, the given value of magnetization, which is the extent to which an object(weight in this case) can be magnetized is E2≤8μT;F1≤25μT for the 3 models given in it. These figures show the magnetic quality of the product.


The aluminum box, which is approved by FDA and SGS is used for packing purposes of this high precision weights.

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