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Standard Movable Scale/Portable Weighbridges with ramps

Standard Movable Scale/Portable Weighbridges with no ramps

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Standard Movable Scale with no ramps

Standard Movable Scale/Portable Weighbridges with No Ramps


Aside from portable weighing scales and single, double, triple axle weighing scales, Camaweigh offers standard portable weighbridges with ramps or without ramps. These operate just like the other weighing scales but instead of having different platform for each axle, they weigh trucks and vehicles as a whole. The standard movable/portable weighbridges with no ramps can be transported anywhere and are very easy to setup. The portable weighbridges are made from highly durable material. They are waterproof and can also handle other weather conditions. Its seal protection and durability makes the portable weighbridge suitable for standard concrete roads, flat construction sites, highway checkpoints, and many more. They can be used efficiently when determining the weight of a truck’s load. The truck will be weighed when the truck has no load and when it has load. This makes portable weighing bridges also ideal for demolition, sand business, gravel business, construction and operation and other moving operations. The difference between the weights will result to the weight of the load being carried by the truck. Since they have no ramps, gravel or sand can be used to help load vehicles.

The standard movable/portable weighbridges with no ramps make use of Camaweighs Zemic HM9B load cells, but it is optional. The high quality load cells make it possible to measure vehicles with extreme accuracy. The portable weighbridges with ramps can be customized depending on the size of vehicles to be weighed.       The loads cells which they use have overload protection with a safe overload of 120%. Other safety feature it has is a built-in cable protector to avoid error in the weight readings whenever the cable is broken. It also has a built-in anti-electromagnetic interference to ensure nothing affects the result being read by the scale indicator. The portable weighbridge from Camaweigh is a pitless type so it’s very easy to move. Since it has to be able to carry the weight of whole trucks, they are made with heavy duty materials. It comes in either a checkered top plates or a flat top plate. These portable weighbridges are very easy to clean and to maintain.

Pros and Cons

Portable weighbridges are great and efficient, but they also have their disadvantages. Compared to fixed weighbridges, they tend to have lower weight capacities. Although portable weighbridges are durable in their own right, fixed weigh scales are tougher.

On the upside, portable weighbridges are less expensive than fixed weighbridges/weigh scales and can be directly placed on gravel or dirt.

More Information
Ramp size Without ramp, the customer could use the sand and stone to do a simple ramp
Load Cell Zemic HM9B load cell is optional
Indicator Other brand weighbridge indicator is optional
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