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1-10t Digital Crane Scale CW-SX

The 1-10t digital crane scale CW-SX is a digital crane scale used for industrial purposes. It has the capacity to measure weights from 1 ton to 10 tons.

Full Rotational Capability

The 1-10t digital crane scale CW-SX from Camaweigh is equipped with a fully functional hook which is capable a 360° rotation. This feature allows for the safe weighing of items without the danger of breaking the cable line upon sudden rotation during the process.

Gravity Regulation Function

Camaweigh’s CW-SX crane scales have a gravity regulation function which regulates the effects of acceleration of gravity on different locations and heights from affecting the actual weight reading.

Product Built

The body of the CW-SX crane scale is built using NEMA 12/IP54 powder coated foundry cast aluminum which makes it very light weight and easy to transport anywhere.

Wide Range Functionality

This 1-10t digital crane scale CW-SX has a wide range of measurement units to choose from. You can choose between Kg (Kilograms) and lb (Pounds) as the output units. This gives you the convenience of instant unit conversions depending on the unit you require. The crane scale is also capable of Auto zero tracking, Total (sum of series of weights), and recording of weights. It has a maximum load capacity of 10 tons.


This CW-SX crane scale is also equipped with battery saving features to ensure longer battery life. The crane scale’s Automatic Off feature turns of the device when left on standby for a period of time. It has a battery status indicator which indicates if the battery is already low.

Digital Display

The Camaweigh CW-SX crane scale uses an LED display for convenient weight reading. This 10 ton crane scale is calibrated accurately up to 5 digits. It has a big wireless 3-inch and 5-inch indicator screen.

Wireless Capability

One of the important features of this 10 ton crane scale is its wireless functionality. It can be controlled using a remote controller. The CW-SX crane scale also has Bluetooth capability which can be paired to a Bluetooth labeling printer.

Safety Features

Having the wireless capability, the CW-SX crane scales give the user the ability to control the crane scale from a safe distance when weighing heavy items. This crane scale also has an overload warning system which informs user when the weight of the item exceeds the maximum weight of 10 tons.

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