12X 3 - Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge

12X 3 - Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge

9 X 3 - Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge

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9 X 3 - Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge

9x3 Standard U-Shaped Weighbridge

A weigh bridge is a set of scale that is used to weigh bulk items. It is mounted on a concrete surface e.g on roads. The weight if the truck and vehicle is displayed manually or automatically on a monitor.

This weighbridge for sale is used for the above purpose. This weighbridge is manufactured to cater for the Client’s need in the following ways:

General dimensions of the Weighbridge machine.

The industrial weighbridge measure 9m by 3m with a capacity of 40 ton. The weighbridge scale has a weighing resolution of 20kg.

Quality and Durability of the Weighbridge

The modules are composed by a combination of steel alloys with steel tread plates as the main driving force. The platform is made of high-quality steel. This is an insurance to high quality.

The weighbridge is designed with a High strength U Beam , all welded steel , non-slip steel deck plate to ensure the highest quality at an affordable cost.

Safety when using the Weighbridge system

The weighbridge uses one of the latest technology: Self dampening design. This enables the industrial weighbridge to absorb breaking and acceleration lads without the need for mechanical restrain. These in the long term ensure the weighbridge maintains its high quality hence reducing the maintenance cost.

Easy to use and Install the vehicle weighbridge

The weighbridge is manufactured to make it easy for the client to install. Its’ Surface is mounted and is suitable for bolt down installation even on a  simple slab foundation.

The weighbridge has been approved by the various certification companies. This weighbridge is of good quality and is very affordable.

More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Size 3x9m
Accuracy Standard 5000 division accuarcy as standard
Print parameters Ball blasting, marine paint
Capacity 40 ton
Load Cell Load cell cables terminate in an IP67 stainless steel junction box located in the weighbridge structure
Platform All steel construction
Self dampening design ability to absorbing breaking and acceleration lads without the need for mechanical restrain.
Painting Ball blasting, marine paint
Cleanliness Ball Blasting - ISO Standard
Environment protection 100% earth bonded to offer for inherent lighting protection
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