Standard Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Standard Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Pallet Truck Scales Stainless Steel

Pallet Truck Scales Stainless Steel

Pallet Truck Scales Mild Steel

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Mild Steel

Pallet Truck Scales Mild Steel

The Pallet truck scales mild steel are useful to calculate weights on their go, there is no need to weigh your pallets separately on any static scale. It’s an excellent tool that helps to transit serious loaded pallets of your warehouse through a restricted area. These scales have high flexibility because it encompasses a giant arc that makes it simple to use. The digital scale displays the results of the measured weight of loaded pallets on a pallet truck.

Using such a scale will provide you economic benefits & helps in raising your productivity.

Important Features Checklist

Weighing Capability: The maximum lifting capacity of this pallet truck scale is 2.0t. This is a weighing capacity which this scale can withstand. Before weighing any weight, be sure that the pallet truck can lift your desired material.


The actual weight of this product is 128 kg.


This scale is made of mild steel material.

Wheels and rollers

Wheels are provided with pallet truck scales mild steel, which helps in easy movement of scale from one area to another.

Width of Single Fork

The width of the single fork used in this product is 160mm.

Fork Height

The fork height in this product is 77mm.


The equal divisions in which the measured weights are calculated is 0.5kg.

Pros Of Using This Pallet Truck Scale

  • There is no need to place the pallet on a separate scale to measure its weight.
  • One can easily weigh the heavy pallet on the go.
  • Pallet truck scales provides an economical solution, to determine the weight of loaded pallets.
  • You can easily move the scale wherever there is a need for measuring weights.
  • This has a digital display that gives a clear vision of the result even in immense darkness.
More Information
Weight(g) 128kg
Weighing Capability 2.0t
Width of Single Fork 160mm
Fork Height 77mm
Division 0.5kg
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