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Multiple Display LED Counting Scale

Standard Counting Scale with LED Display

Standard Counting Scale with LED Display

Standard Counting Scale with LCD Display

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Standard Counting Scale with LCD Display

The standard counting scale with LCD display is created using ABS plastic house & Stainless steel load plate. It has great usage in the industrial world for weighing assorted things like drums, packages, totes, etc. The result of the load, which is inserted on the machine is displayed on the display bar.

It is mostly used in grocery outlets, medicine shops & all alternative places where you need to measure something. The standard counting scale with LCD display offers a wonderful electronic board for a straightforward and clear vision of product weight, even from a precise distance.

Product Built-up

 This product is made up of, die-cast aluminum alloy frame, it provides a finished look to the product. There are approximately 99 preset memory keys present in this product. The unbreakable plate is solid enough to bear the weight of heavy products. The price computing or counting function selectable are two features, which are also present in this product.

Battery Usage

 The standard counting scale needs a live power connection for its working. It needs 6V4mA of currently equipped to implement its functioning. This machine supports both AC as well as DC supply. The features of reversible battery facilitates and helps the user to employ its battery once finished. This will increase its usage in numerous work areas.

Maximum Capacity It Can Hold

 Capacity is always one of the special features of this Counting Scale. You can weigh the load from the range of 3 - 30 kg, using this counting scale.

Load Cell used

 The load cell name Zemic LIP3, is present in this standard counting scale with LCD display. This load cell works on the phenomenon of change in resistance lead to a change in output voltage when an input voltage is applied. This load cell helps in converting the force such as tension, pressure, or torque into an electrical signal which can be measured easily.

Digital Display

 This counting scale has, LCD display panel with auto backlight and LED display feature. It gives a clear vision of the load result on the display panel.

More Information
Battery 6V4mA
Capacity 3-30kg
Load Cell Zemic LIP3
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