MIFARE Classic EV1

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MIFARE Classic EV1
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MIFARE Classic EV1


MIFARE Classic is known to be the first manufacturer of contactless IC which operates in the range of 13.56 MHZ. They are also ISO/IEC 14443 Type A 1-3 compliant. They’re reported to have paved the way for this technology’s wide range of applications. MIFARE Classic EV1 is their best MIFARE Classic product which overshadows its predecessors. They are the most widely used in contactless smart card transactions since their beginning on 1994. The MIFARE Classic EV1 provides great ESD which ensures easy IC handling during inlay and manufacturing of the cards. Types of applications include public transportation, car park ticketing, events ticketing, highway toll collections, student cards, employee cards, time tracking, and various public transportation ticketing. NXP provides MIFARE Classic systems with security features that are best in its class. NXP also gives users multi-application environments. Contactless smart ticketing has never been better.

Reading Range

MIFARE Classic EV1 IC Cards have a reading range of approximately 10 cm. This range gives users increased convenience.


MIFARE Classic provides EV1 IC cards with either 1k (1024) byte or 4k (4096) byte of memory (EEPROM) to serve different application needs. It has a writes endurance of 200,000 typical cycles with 10 years data retention.

RF Interface

EV1 IC cards have up to layer 3 RF interface. Its frequency is 13.56 MHz. This frequency is in RFIDs. Its data transfer speed is up to 106 kbit/s with bit-wise anticollision property.


For security, MIFARE Classic EV1 IC cards have either 4-byte NUID or 7-byte UID unique serial numbers. 4-byte random ID is only available for 7-byte UID versions only. It also has random number generator for strengthened security. Access conditions are only available per sector with access keys only limited to 2 Crypto1 keys per sector. It also supports NXP originality checking.



More Information
Anticollision Bit-wise
Cryptography CRYPTO1
Bit-rate 106
4-byte Random ID yes (7 B UID versions only)
Access Conditions Per sector
According to ISO 14443A Yes - up to layer 3
Access Keys 2 CRYPTO1 keys per sector
Frequency 13.56
Data Retention 10
Random Number Generator Yes
Write Endurance 200 000
Unique Serial Number 4-byte NUID or 7-byte UID
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