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A8 (3G)
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3G Phones

Camaweigh offers 3G rugged phone in its line of accessories which can be used to connect with its weighing equipment. Camaweigh’s 3G rugged smartphone are very sturdy because of their IP67 rated phone casing which protects it from shock, dust, and water. They only offer one variant of 3G cell phones, the Camaweigh A8. The A8 smartphone has all the features of modern cell phones like WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity.  

History of Mobile Phones

 Before technology was as advanced at it is today, the only means of communication throughout the world was thru very basic means like handwritten letter, telegrams, or the like. There weren’t any WIFI or Bluetooth created yet. Mobile phones or cell phones were developed in order to make communication much easier and faster. Cell phones weren’t as “mobile” and easy to carry like today. First generation cell phones were bulky and very expensive during their time. This was because cell phones where new and considered a breakthrough in the communications industry. Having a cell phone was compared to having an expensive car. Although today, many brands and types of cell phones are available at very affordable prices. The very first cell phone was introduced way back 1983 and it was the Motorola DynaTAC 800x. This breakthrough phone was very expensive and had a price tag of 4,000 US dollars. Even with its big and bulky frame, this phone was considered to be the most portable phone at the time. With this phone, people had the ability to contact other people wirelessly between great distances. But even before the first cell phone was released, Martin Cooper of Motorola made the first wireless phone call. It was made using a prototype of the DynaTAC cell phone.

How 3G Phones Came to Be

Before 3G cell phones where developed, it had to go thru the other “G” or generations of mobile technology. This is where the journey to creating more portable and smaller wireless communications technology began. Everything began with the 1G technology which was released in 1979 at Tokyo and spread throughout the neighboring countries. Later on the 1G technology would make its way to the USA and was called AMPS or Advanced Mobile Phone Systems. Unlike 3G phones today, 1G had some security issues. The 1G network users were vulnerable to eavesdropping because it was unencrypted.

3G Phone Capabilities

The 3G phone service was first launched in Japan by a telecom company named NTT DoCoMo. When 3G phones were released they were all the craze of the mass public because it gave them the ability to browse the Internet and conduct videos calls. 3G phones now also have the upgraded ability of higher downloads speed up to 40 times faster than before. 3G phones offered larger network capacities and advanced multimedia services compared to the previous 2G network. 3G phones allowed services like weather status reports on your location. Picture messaging on 3G phones allowed the actual picture to be shown. 3G phones have also given the way to the multimedia access like music, videos, and pictures. Probably 3G phones are most known because of their internet capability which allows the used to be connected to the internet wherever they are. This was the first time mobile phones could use mobile data to connect to the internet. 3G phones also opened up users to other useful services like booking restaurant reservations, using social networking sites, checking their emails, paying their bills, and many more. Although 3G phones connected to the internet using mobile data, the maximum bandwidth was only 2.05 Mbps. This also lowers down to a very low 384 Kbps. Camaweighs 3G phones are more advanced than the entry level 3G phones.  

More Information
Model 2200×1200 (platform size)
Battery 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
Waterproof IP67 dustproof shockproof waterproof
Frequency GSM850/900/1800/1900 | WCDMA850/1900/2100
CPU MTK6582 Quad-core, 1.3GHz
Sim card Dual SIM dual standby, One Mini, One Micro
System Android OS 4.4.2
Memory RAM/ROM: 1GB/8GB
Main screen 4.0"WVGA TFT IPS, 480*800
Dimensions(mm) 134*69*21 (H×W×D
Weight(g) N.W. 233g | G.W. : Packing1: 480g , Packing2: 531g
GPS Supported
Camera Front: 2.0 MP | Back : 5.0 MP
Bluetooth 4.0
Multi-languages Support
Warranty Limited 1-year Warranty
Certification IP68/CE
Other function NFC
Colors Black,yellow,green
Accessories 1*battery,1*USB cable,1*charger,1*user manual,1*gift box,1* screw driver
Function Gravity /Proximity /Compass/Light
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