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3 Lights LED Traffic Light with Timer

3 Arrows LED Traffic Light

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LED intelligent traffic signal light NBFX213-3

3 Arrow LED Traffic Light

The 3 arrows LED traffic lights are another variant of Camaweigh's LED traffic lights. Each light has arrows. LED traffic lights are more efficient than halogen ones. LEDs use 85% less power than halogen bulbs. Unlike halogen lights, they produce little heat. Anyone can touch these lights without hurting their skin.


  • Camaweigh's 3-arrow LED traffic lights can withstand harsh conditions.

  •  It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof and it's simple and sturdy. 

  • PC (UV-stabilized polycarbonate) housing makes it lighter than typical traffic lights. 

  • Polycarbonate is lightweight, strong, and heat-resistant.

  •  It can operate between -30°C and 60°C. 

  • The 3 arrows LED traffic lights to work on 100V-277V AC.

  • Camaweigh’s LED traffic lights to have no delay within light changes. 

  • LED traffic lights have more lumens per watt.

  •  It has 63 visible LED lights with a wavelength of 6255 mm. 

Three-arrow LED traffic lights are energy-efficient and long-lasting. It's adaptable to different climates. The 3-arrow LED traffic light layout is used in almost every country. In most countries, yellow means slow down. 3 arrow LED traffic lights to have great color uniformity and visual effects. Camaweigh's LED traffic lights last 50,000 hours and these LED traffic lights are efficient.

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More Information
Size 200mm
Working Voltage 12-24v DC 100-227V AC
Insulation resistance ≥2M
Housing Material PC (UV - stabilized polycarbonate)
Operating temperature range -30℃~+ 60 ℃
Power <8
Wavelength of LEDs 625+-5
Colors Red,Yellow,Green
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