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The continuing advancement in technology has given way to more advanced systems and process. Technology has improved the way things are done in a more efficient and systemized way. One of the aspects of everyday life which has improved because of the advancement of technology is the way we communicate and connect with other people. Technology has opened up the way to wireless communications. We can now connect with other people wirelessly through the use of systems like Bluetooth, WIFI, infrared, and many more.

History of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless communications technology which enables different devices like cellphones, peripherals, and computers to transfer voice or data across short distances wirelessly. Bluetooth was developed for the purpose of replacing the wires which we normally use in connecting devices, while maintaining a secure line of communication between them. “Bluetooth” was derived from the name of a Danish king who united different regional factions together, his name was Harald Bluetooth. This is also the goal of the Bluetooth technology; to connect devices from different industries. Bluetooth technology uses frequency-hopping spread spectrum technology and operates at frequencies between 2400 and 2483.5 MHZ.

Advantages of Bluetooth

  1. Affordability – Even though it is considered an advanced technology, Bluetooth is a very affordable wireless technology. It is used by mobile device developers in their devices.
  2. Wireless Advantage - One of the biggest advantages of Bluetooth is obviously its wireless connecting capability. Bluetooth wireless technology became popular for eliminating the need for wires and cables which only took up much space. Today, almost every kind of communication device is equipped with Bluetooth capability. Devices like smartphones, Bluetooth headsets, laptops, televisions, and even printers can now communicate with other devices through the use of Bluetooth technology.
  3. Minimal Interference – Devices with Bluetooth capability offer great performance and have the ability to avoid signal interference from other wireless devices. This is possible through the use of a technology called frequency hopping and using low power signals.
  4. Efficient Use of Energy - Since Bluetooth technology uses low power signals, it only needs a small amount of energy to operate, therefore has lower power consumption.
  5. Creating Personal Area Network – Bluetooth technology is capable of forming a network between up to seven devices which are within a 30 foot range. They can connect and exchange data with each other.
  6. Voice and Data Sharing Communications – Bluetooth protocol is designed to allow compatible Bluetooth devices to share voice and data with other devices. This is the reason why a user can drive around safely while having a conversation with someone through a Bluetooth earphone or headset.
  7. Automatic Connection – Devices with Bluetooth wireless technology capability can connect with each other automatically without clicking any buttons. Once you pair both devices together the first time, they will connect with each upon detection within a range of 30 feet.
  8. Scalability – Bluetooth is easily upgradable as the technology advances. Newer versions of Bluetooth wireless technology bring with it wider compatibility capabilities and more secure connections.
  9. Universal – Bluetooth is recognized across the world. Because of the popularity of Bluetooth wireless technology, it is almost guaranteed that every new smartphone, laptop, and other devices will most likely have Bluetooth capability.
  10. Wireless Compatibility – Bluetooth is highly compatible with almost any other wireless device. Bluetooth wireless technology enables different devices to connect together even if they are of different brand or model. This is why a Samsung smartphone can be connected to a Sony Bluetooth earphone.

Applications of Bluetooth

  1. Weighing Industry – Different weighing being used in the weighing industry use Bluetooth wireless technology to make their weighing process more efficient. Different types of weighing scales are now able to connect to computers through Bluetooth. Scale indicators are being wirelessly connects to the weighing equipment, thus eliminating the need for cable connectors.
  2. Wireless Computer Devices – Almost all peripherals of computers are now Bluetooth capable. You now connect devices like the mouse and keyboard of a computer wirelessly from 20 feet away.



More Information
Roll Diameter φ≤40mm
Print speed 70mm/sec
Battery 7.4VDC/1500mA
Resolution 203DPI (8dot/mm)
Character size 1.5 x 3.0mm (W x H)/3.0 x 3.0mm (W x H)
Charging mode DC 9V/1.5A
Humidity Working: 10%-90%
Interface standard RS232/USB, Bluetooth 3.0&4.0/SPP agreement (optional)
Paper Type Roll Paper
Printing Chinese character Alphanumeric /Chinese Kanji
Printing Method Thermal Line Printing
Thickness in theory for cover 0.06-0.08mm
Working Temperature Working: -10 to 50 Degrees
Dimensions(mm) 10.5*7.5*4.5cm
Weight(g) 400g (including accessories: lithium-ion batteries, cable, test paper)
Warranty 12 months at least
Certification CE & FCC ROHS ISO9001:2008
Other function Paper detection, Power detection, Manual shut down, 1D&QR Code Print
Print Comand ESC/POS
Print Width 48mm
No. of Total Dots 384 dots/Line
Compatible OS Window Systems ; Android & IOS Operate Systems
Data Buffer UP to 20K bytes
Pieces Per CTN 40 pieces
Print Font 12 x 24; 24x 24
CTN Dimension 47x38x33 cm
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