Economic BMI Scale

Economic BMI Scale

Standard BMI Scale

Standard BMI Scale

Economic BMI Scale with Printer

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BMI Scales -DHM-200D

Economic BMI Scale with Printer

Various BMI scales are launched inside the market to calculate the human weight moreover their height. Body mass index, or BMI, is highly useful in measuring the human credentials that are height & weight. The results of  BMI will show, whether a person has proper weight with respect to its height or not.

This scale is present in various hospitals and doctor’s clinics where anyone will merely check its weight & height, to examine whether he or she is scrawny, healthy, overweight or reached the fatness line.

Height range

 The height range of this product is 80-200 cm 0.5cm. This economic BMI scale with printer runs on the direct current that is supplied to it. This helps in measuring the overall height of any individual.

Packing Details

 The product is packed & measured in two different cartons one is of 125*30*27cm, 11kg and the other one is 57*42*17cm, 16kg.

Weight range

 It can calculate the weight within the range of 1-200 kilo 0.5 kg. It is designed to check the overall weight of anyone as per their height. This economic BMI scale with printer is helpful to make people aware of their health.

If a person is overweight than he or she could face problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, varied heart diseases, arthritis, sleep disorders, metastasis problems, bladder health problems, etc. If you get previous data on weight increase than you can avoid all such problems by taking preventive measures to manage weight.


 The actual weight of this BMI scales is 25 kg.


 It performs various functions like:

1. It helps to measure an individual's height. Whether it’s a child, infant or a human being, this machine is capable of measuring every individual's height.

2. Measures weight

3. Voice broadcast

4. BMI Analysis


 It has an LED or LCD panel, where the outcome of the weight & height which is measured is displayed.

More Information
Model DHM-200D
Height range 80-200 cm 0.5cm
Packing Details 125*30*27CM 11kg 57*42*17CM 16kg 2cartons / piece
Weight range 1-200 kg 0.5kg
Weight(g) 25KG
Function 1.Measure Height, 2.Measure Weight, 3.Voice broadcast, 4.LED or LCD display, 5.BMI Analysis,
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